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Latest News

Hi ! Thanks for logging in. I post quick announcements here to keep you up to date on what is happening in our community. Check in often!

Infrastructure is Everything
September 4
Just posted a new blog post on the importance of Infrastructure. The progress on our BoltWire site thanks to the accelerator platform is astonishing...

August 25
Ahoy there. Finally got around to indexing the docs, blog, and forum. Actually ended up making some big tweaks to the core to allow easy indexing of comments...

Version 7.08
August 23
Just released version 7.08, a pretty massive release with loads of new site admin updates, and more. Worth the upgrade!

New Command Center
August 17
I've just written another blog post on what's coming out in BoltWire 7.08. It's pretty big--might be worth reading up on it!

Just Upgraded...
August 17
The BoltWire site is now running on 7.08, which is another MASSIVE upgrade. The site admin area is beautiful. The vspacing issue is more problematic. I'll post more in the blog...

Improved DropDown
August 14
Made some slight improvements to the dropdown menu and the docs page. More important, I created a separate custom dropdown script for BoltWire so you can see the default one at work in the docs.

Roses and Page Names
August 13
Just posted a hugely important blog post on the topography of page names in BoltWire. See what it all has to do with roses!

Vspace Rebellion
August 12
Just posted a quick blog on a change that's coming to BoltWire in version 7.08. We're rebelling against the paragraph tag!

New Rotate Extensions
August 12
Just added a SUPER cool rotate feature to BoltWire, both in the core and as an extension. Check it out!

New DropDown Menu
August 11
I've added a dropdown menu to the BoltWire site just to make it easier to get to where you want to go. Between that and the new TOC plugin, navigation is pretty snazzy around here, don't you think?

More Plugin Pages
August 11
I've added a bunch more plugin pages, and a few new plugins, to try and make sure we've got everything current and covered. Up to 50 pages now!

More Pro Modules
August 11
Just added a bunch more pro modules to the accelerator platform. I just need to get the docs written up and do a little testing. Looks awesome!

Updated Docs
August 9
I've been working to get the docs updated for version 7.xx, and have made some progress. All the new conditions, functions, and commands have been added, and deprecated ones deleted. Still more work to do, but it's a start!

New News Page
August 7
Just added a cool new news page in our accelerator hosting program. In fact, I'm using it as the default members welcome page at BoltWire.

New TOC Plugin
August 7
Just added a new "Table of Contents" plugin which allows you to build expanding and contracting menus extremely easily. Renamed the TOC function to "indent" which is more descriptive, to make namespace for this plugin.

New Piano Skin
August 7
Just uploaded a new skin I call "piano" (for obvious reasons) to the BoltWire site. It's not yet in the core distribution but it's very similar to the new designer skin, which inspired it. What do you think?

August 7
I've pretty much finished up our new messaging pro module, which allows you to send messages to individuals or groups of individuals using all kinds of sort parameters. Mail merge, and more. Very powerful!

Accelerator Progress
August 1
Our accelerator course is cruising along as we build up our community support tools day by day. We've just launched a boat load of new features you can see live now on our BoltWire site.

Hosting Progress!
July 15
Making exciting progress on our hosting program with the official beginning of our Launch Accelerator class with a small number of partners this week. It's a huge start!

Wow! 7.04 Is Out
June 8
Just released a version 7.04. Which means we've had as many releases in the 7.xx series these last few weeks as we have in the entire 6.xx series these last two years!

This is a pretty big release, fixing a some bugs and improving some code. I've also added pages for rudimentary blogging and forums. And the long awaited Site Checklist.

With this release, I feel things are pretty close to done. Am declaring a light feature freeze for awhile to focus on debugging and polishing things up. Will make this our stable release soon...

Version 7.03 Released
June 5
Just released version 7.03 with a cool new verify email plugin, a nice little member management section for the site admin area, and perhaps most important, a significant bug in the BOLTfolders function. If you are using 7.xx yet, I'd definitely recommend upgrading...

First Comment!
June 5
Just saw the first comment on BoltWire. In our Big Skin Upgrade article. It really does feel like the lights are starting to come back on again. Nice to get more and more things operational!

Account Area Working
June 4
I've got more of the links in the Account Area working. I still need to update the profilepix script which facilitates members loading profile pix. And I haven't turned on messages yet. But you should be able to update your profile info. It's very basic, but I'm thinking about adding all these pages to the core, so I want to keep BoltWire as a demo of the default installation...

More New Releases
June 4
I've been busy testing and tweaking BoltWire 7 and adding lot's of new features--including 7.01 with its new membership system and 7.02 with some fixes. It's coming along pretty well at this point. And I've got another new release coming soon (7.03) with more membership capabilities and a new site.members section. Very cool! Will release soon...

Comments Are Live
June 1
I've been going through the various sections of the site trying to make sure everything is working. Today I added some code to the core distribution to manage basic comments. It's live now in the blog area! Feel free to leave a note.

It's starting to feel like all the lights are coming on here...

Members Area Open
June 1
I've been tinkering with the getting the new BoltWire membership system active on our site. And it's now live and ready to go. Feel free to create an account and/or subscribe to our newsletter if you wish. Let me now if you have any problems or suggestions. I'm trying to keep this site as close to the core as possible, so your site should like very similar...

BoltWire 7.00 Released!
May 26
Over the last few years, I've always tried to do something big on my birthday, as a way to give back to the many people who have been so good to me in my life. And this year, on my birthday, I have the privilege of announcing the release of BoltWire 7.00. This is a massive release--you are definitely going to want to check out. But be sure to read the changelog before installing on a live site!

Big Skin Upgrade
May 21
Just published a new blog post on what I'm planning for the our new skin upgrade. I have it 95% working. Just a few little details to polish up and iron out. Read all about it, right here: Big Skin Upgrade...

Major Skin Progress
May 20
I've been working hard the last few days updating the skin system, and updating some 20 different built in skins. This is something I've long needed to do, and the skins aren't perfect, but they are all looking pretty good, and because they are in the core, we can hopefully keep them updated and provide ongoing support. Today I'll be finishing up a new skin command which will allow admins to import, export, edit, and publish skins very easily which should make customizing them even easier. I also plan to write up a full blog post on the new skin system, and once that is done I should be able to release the first beta for BoltWire 7. I still have more to do in terms of plugin management, the membership system, and a site admin center, but those should be relatively easy compared to this. So at least 3 more betas and then we make the jump!

Engine Script Streamlined
May 14
I've been working hard to get 7.xx ready, and it looks like it is going to take at least a few steps. One involves streamlining the engine.php file. Yesterday, I made good progress on that, moving (and fixing) ipblocking to a super easy plugin, making ajax auto updates possible via a plugin, and improving the import/export feature (now called curly) to a plugin. And writing documentation! I also moved other engine functions to a utilities.php script. Today I'll be working on the stopwatch function. I'm leaning toward putting many of these simple, easy plugins right in the shared folder of the download installation, so any of them can be turned on in a snap. Future work involves updating the member management system, how skins are managed, a new feature to load plugins dynamically, and other minor tweaks. Look for our first beta, soon...

New Website Uploaded
May 8
After a week of thinking through every feature on our site, settling on terminology, and then fine-tuning the text of our site, I've got the visitor portions of our site more or less finished. I don't have all the content, and I have some more stuff to do inside, but people can at least see where I'm going and offer feedback on my plans. I'm uploading it today!

First Blog Post
May 8
Just published my first Growth Guide to kick off our shift to 7.xx. It actually asks a really relevant question: what's your most important first task in any big project? The answer may surprise you. The title: Start Here!

Welcome Tour Done
May 6
Just completed work on the Welcome Tour in our Training Area. Spend a lot of time updating that. If you haven't read it in a while, it might be worth a refresher!

Latest News System
April 30
One of my first projects was creating an improved system for managing the Latest News page. Will probably create a nice tutorial on it as it is quite simple, but uses a lot of nice features. Really illustrates the power of BoltWire well. I'm also planning to add the news page and news action into the core.

New Site Design
April 30
I've pretty much got the new site design for BoltWire completed. It's largely based on work I've done recently on my main production site, but it's cleaner and more generic. Actually, I've got some nice css I need to import back to my own skin!

Released BoltWire 6.03
April 29
Released an upgrade to our 6.03 series, with several fixes and a few nifty new features. The goal here is to wrap up our 6.xx series so we can turn our focus toward aggressive development of 7.xx.

An All New BoltWire
April 28
Finally committed to launching the BoltWire 7 project. I've been wanting to do this for months, but kept prioritizing my main website. Now at last, it's time to expand!11

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