BoltWire is a FREE content management system written in PHP.

Its innovative architecture combined with best-in-class forms processing makes it ideal for creating complex, interactive, web applications fast...

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Installing BoltWire
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Get Started

BoltWire is a simple ZIP file. To use it, just extract to a web server with PHP (5.3+). It's FREE for personal and commercial use. See our license for details. It's offered as is, with no guarantees.

To install BoltWire 6.02, follow these simple steps:

1) Download the zip and extract the contents to the root directory of your web server. If you are not sure what that is, read this tutorial.

2) Navigate to boltwire/start.php in your browser and follow the onscreen instructions. It literally takes 5 seconds to get a site installed.

3) Get started on our Welcome Tour and begin exploring all you can do. Serious, that's all there is to it...

For information about recent changes to the software, see our release history. Want to know what's coming? Check out our roadmap.