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May 26

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May 21

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May 20

Pro Modules

Here's a list of the expansion modules that come pre-installed with our Hosting Service. We provide full documentation and support for using each of these modules in your site. Need something not here? Let us know. We may be able to add it.

Accounts Verify emails, reset passwords, manage accounts, and more
Blog Create blogs with comments, archives, and more. Multiple authors, pre-scheduled posts, etc.
Bonus Bonus markups, like smileys, rollovers, progress bars, dropdown menus, gui buttons, self-sorting tables, etc.
Chat A flexible chat system you can use to create chatrooms, instant messaging, or a live help desk.
Files A lightning fast file management tool: move, rename, copy, delete, purge, search, replace, and more.
Forum Setup single or multiple forum areas. Includes tools for searching and moderating forum posts.
Messaging Create message boxes for members to communicate with each other.
News A powerful email newsletter system. Includes auto subscribe/unsubscribe, smtp, throttling, and more.
Popup Include a handy little skin and code you can use to create popup windows as needed.
Profilepix Allow users to upload profile pix. Automatically resize and crop to fit.
Social Tools to get your site going on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.
Store From simple snippets to a full featured ecommerce system with in-site credit card processing capabilities.

Note: We are still in the early process of deciding which modules to include in our hosting package. This list may change before we launch this service.

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