Onboarding Sequence

Posted 06/03/23 by Kasey Norton

Dan To get this onboarding drip going from the member sign-up, do we name it code.drip.welcome?


Posted by Dan Vis on 09/23/20
Kasey, I think you can call it whatever you want. Where are you activating the drip?

I think my recommendation was to add a line like this to the form on page new.member:

[command mailer drip drip=welcome mode=active]

But obviously if you wanted change that command to drip=thanksforjoining then you would use drip.thanksforjoining for your onboard sequence. Make sense?

The idea is, the drip starts when they fill out that little form on that page and confirm their membership information. I think that's also when they get subscribed to your mailing list...

If you want to test the script, you could put a button somewhere in your site admin area like this:

[form][submit "START DRIP"][command mailer drip drip=welcome mode=active][form]

You could even create a page where members can restart the drip sequence themselves. You would just need to fancy up the form a bit and forward them to a thank you page, or whatever. I'm thinking about starting some email courses at FAST like that, which are just simple email tutorials about how to use various sections of the site. :)

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