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Posted 07/03/22 by Kasey Norton

Dan I still have some trouble when using Safari so I've been working on Boltwire and my website using Chrome. But when I go and view my site on Safari, the display is different. Is there anyway I can fix it so it displays the same across the various browsers?


Posted by Dan Vis on 09/08/20
Probably Kasey, but you would have to fiddle with the css. I might be able to help, but unfortunately I don't have a device with safari. I'll see if I can pull out an old ipad or something and maybe I can see what you are seeing.

If you send a screenshot or something I might be able to suggest a tweak, depending on what it is. But normally it's just a question of tweaking - test - tweak - test until you get it right. So that might not work unless it's something simple...

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