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Posted 07/03/22 by Kasey Norton

Dan I have begun adding the data field: question in my course posts and then populating the boxes with the questions/action steps. When saved they are showing as a second comment section.


So what do you think of the solution given below? Did it resolve your question? If not leave a comment below. If it did, let me know that too. Actually, I'm just testing the question feature here in the forum...

Posted by Dan Vis on 09/17/20
Happy to help!
Posted by Kasey Norton on 09/16/20
So glad to have access to your gift, Dan! God has really blessed you with a mind for these things!
Posted by Dan Vis on 09/14/20
Yes Kasey, the question field was supposed to just be a single line--ie, no line returns. And you have some line breaks in your questions fields. But there's a way to work around that.

It's fixed now. I like what you did with that. :)

The day 1 reading doesn't have a question data field of course, so nothing is showing there. But Day 2 is showing (and day 3 of course).
Posted by Kasey Norton on 09/14/20
Dan I just loaded content for another class (The Christian Walk) and somehow the content I've inserted into the questions section under data for each lesson is not showing up. Actually, it does for day 3 but not the other 2 days. Any idea what I might have done wrong?
Posted by Dan Vis on 09/06/20
Posted by Kasey Norton on 09/06/20
It looks AWESOME!!
Posted by Dan Vis on 09/04/20
Yeah! The question above look pretty good, don't you think?
Posted by Dan Vis on 09/04/20
Good catch Kasey. I've got it all fixed up for you now. In fact, it's better than before. Now you can (optionally) add questions to blog and forum posts as well, as data variables, and they will show up in the right spot. I also tightened up the vertical spacing a bit while I was at it.

Nice improvement... Things are coming along!

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