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How to wrap image with text

Posted 06/17/21 by Kasey Norton

Not sure that title said what I mean it to but basically I'm wondering if I insert an image, right or left justified, how can I have the text go beside the image instead of it starting at the bottom?


Posted by Dan Vis on 08/25/20
No problem...
Posted by Kasey Norton on 08/25/20
Thank you!
Posted by Dan Vis on 08/25/20
The easiest way is to put it in a table, like this:

[c]Some text


[r][c]Some text

There are many more things you can do to style and control display with tables. The markup stands for open table, new row, table cell, table cell, close table. Here is what it outputs. I'll add border=1 to the opening table tag just for display purposes:

Some text

Some text

There are ways to do it with styling Kasey but you may find them more complicated.

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