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Posted 07/03/22 by Kasey Norton

I've been going over the docs in pro modules for the class and I'm stuck.

Step 5 says ... 5) Five, create a self grading final exam. Go to and COPY it to Basically, that's a template for your exam. Change the questions and answers, add or remove questions, and adjust the point value assigned to each question, and make sure it equals 100.

I can't find to go in and copy it. I've gone into both pages and changes so I must be looking in the wrong places.

I've gone in and tried signing up for the parenting class but I didn't get an email about it so I'm assuming I still have things that need done.

I also can't find class.side to customize the class side menu.

When I checked on the Hebrews class to try to populate the offer page, somehow the page name changed to offer.hebrews.current and it says the offer type is not set.


Posted by Dan Vis on 09/22/20
Kasey, it doesn't show up on the last days reading, it shows up on the main classroom page. There's also a link to it in the side menu. Try going to page class.ltps for example and you should see the button there. It's grayed out until the final reading is marked as done.
Posted by Kasey Norton on 09/22/20
Dan I only have two final exams set up (Learning to Pray Scripture and The Christian Walk) out of all the classes I've loaded but they don't seem to show on the last lesson. Is this something a student automatically sees on that lesson and I'm just not seeing it or am I missing a piece of code?
Posted by Dan Vis on 09/17/20
Posted by Kasey Norton on 09/16/20
Dan That worked perfectly! Thank you so much!
Posted by Dan Vis on 09/14/20
You could put that information in the descriptions of those classes Kasey.

Or you could try something like this:

!!Available Classes
These are my general standalone classes...
[(list "class.ltps,class.the-christian-walk,class.god" template='classlist' sort=false)]

!!Special Series
These classes are part of a special series...
[(list "class.creation,class.fall,class.hebrews" template='classlist' sort=false)]

Or you could have a link to a special promo page which shows the classes in one series. And then only promote the series on the main page.

Really you can do whatever you want. If you can figure out what you want, I'm sure we can find a way to make it happen...
Posted by Kasey Norton on 09/14/20
Dan Okay, one more question about the members.classes page. Right now I have a series of 10 classes to load (three of them are already up) and then a handful of others that are stand-alone. The series is a very basic one that is intended to be taken sequentially. Your trick to get the classes to show up in order worked great. I'm wondering if there's a good way to make it clear these classes are meant to be taken one after the other? Like, a way to set them apart as a series?
Posted by Dan Vis on 09/11/20
Kasey, it could be something is different for your daughter, since she doesn't have admin permissions. So you should verify it is working now for her.

Normally that screen shows up if they are trying to see day 3 when they are only on day 2. But I reviewed the code and it's possible I didn't have the permissions set right. And updated it now to make sure it is working properly, just in case it wasn't.

So please have your daughter test it again (or login via a normal user account). That's always really important when testing to test as a regular user not as an admin. It's also something I tend to forget when testing myself... :(
Posted by Kasey Norton on 09/11/20
Dan Actually, I went in and signed up myself and the email seemed to work fine and clicking on the link took me to the lesson. So maybe the tinkering between the time she signed up and the time I did, worked out whatever caused that.
Posted by Kasey Norton on 09/11/20
Dan Well, it's gotten to be fun learning it! And I do sometimes ask questions that would be answered if I referred to the docs and I fail to do it. But more and more I am remembering to look there first. Your explanations, both here and there, are very helpful!

My daughter signed up for one of the classes and it triggered the email but when she goes in the link there it says something like, "Whoa, eager beaver." and says the class isn't ready yet. What have I done wrong?
Posted by Dan Vis on 09/10/20
It's a process Kasey. There is definitely a lot of stuff you can do in BoltWire. I didn't know if you were referring to it when you asked questions. Note you can also ask questions there if you read something that doesn't make sense. It's possible my explanations there aren't very clear! :)

Anyway, easy fix. Just go to the main class page (class.god) hit the data action, add a days field, and then specify how many days there are in the class. I did that class for you. You can do the other two.

Also, you probably don't need an image data field in the main class page, unless you are using that somewhere. The class list (members.classes) gets its image from the offer page, and there you only need to give the file name, not supply the whole markup. You also did not use it to generate the image on the top of the main class page. So I think I would just delete that data field. No sense keeping it if you don't use it.
Posted by Kasey Norton on 09/10/20
Dan I keep reading the handbook and my brain only absorbs small pieces at a time. I promise I do keep referring to it, though!

As far as the classes I'm referring to, it's any of the three newest I just put in. So Who is God, Creation, or The Fall of Man. They are all displaying the same way on the class page.

And thank you for helping me understand what I did wrong when pasting those things to ask my questions!
Posted by Dan Vis on 09/10/20
Yes, replace that line Kasey. Think about what the two lines are saying. In fact, it might help to read the section in the DOCS > HANDBOOK > FUNCTIONS on the search and list function.

The first line, says, search for all your existing classes, and then display each class in the format specified in the "classlist" template. The second one says display the classes in the provided list in the specified template (obviously you can change up the classes, and the order). Make sense?

For question 2, you have to tell me which class you are referring to if you want me to take a look.

For question three, if you want to put markup in the comment box, you have to wrap it in a code tag. That tells BoltWire not to perform whatever you are telling it to do, but rather display the code. So if you enter this in the comment box:

[(whatever function)]

It will display as this:

[(whatever function)]

But without the code tags it will attempt to run that function. I fixed your comments for you.
Posted by Kasey Norton on 09/10/20
Dan Oh wow, those two messages do not say what I pasted in there. How did that happen?

I was asking if I should replace the code that's currently in the members.classes page with the code you used as an example, edited to include the correct order, OR do I add that piece of code to the existing coding?

And the class content question showed up funky, too. It's just not displaying the class content list and I'm wondering what I'm missing?
Posted by Kasey Norton on 09/10/20
Dan One more quick question. On the specific class page< I'm missing something because the class content is not displaying. This is entered at the bottom:

<(include code.class.daily)>

but the content list isn't pulling up correctly.
Posted by Kasey Norton on 09/10/20
Dan Okay, wonderful! Do I replace this:

[(search group=class template='classlist' none='//No classes found...//' type=-header,footer,side when='exists offer.')]

with this:
[(list "class.hebrews,class.ltps,class.philemon" template='classlist' sort=false)]

or do I add it in somewhere?
Posted by Dan Vis on 09/10/20
Sure, that shouldn't be too difficult Kasey.

On the members.classes page you'll find this line:

[(search group=class template='classlist' none='//No classes found...//' type=-header,footer,side when='exists offer.')]

Basically, it does a search of all the class pages (class.hebrews, class.ltps, etc) and generates a display using the classlist template. If you specify the classes you want to use, you can put them in any order you want:

[(list "class.hebrews,class.ltps,class.philemon" template='classlist' sort=false)]

This will use the same template, just limit it to whatever classes you specify. You'll need to update it each time you add a new class.

Note you need to add a sort=false parameter or BoltWire will automatically alphabetize things for you.

As for Thai, if you want the entire site in another language, you may want to just create a second site. Most likely it will have a different focus, target group, process, etc.

BoltWire supports full internationalizations, so you can use any character set. And it does have an easy way to create language packs for specific languages. But it won't translate everything--just buttons, links, headers, etc. It's designed to make it easy to create a new site in another language. But not to translate your entire site...
Posted by Kasey Norton on 09/10/20
Dan I am loading in a bunch of content and creating 10 more classes right now. I have three of those 10 mostly set-up but I have a question.

The ones that I'm putting up now are very basic ... for the un- or new believer. They are written in order, going from who God is, to creation and through the second coming. I was envisioning them being a sort of training track where they'd take one class before the next so they got the content in order. But when I create the offer page and the Available Courses page pulls them in, they are not in order. Is there a way I can do this?

We are hiring someone to translate everything into Thai at which point I'll need to find out how that works on the website.
Posted by Dan Vis on 09/03/20
Yep, that's how Kasey. Just rename them from the end on back. So there's always room for the next file. :)
Posted by Kasey Norton on 09/03/20
Dan It's no problem at all. I'm just thankful you're always so patient when I mention something!

I do have a quick question: you had mentioned that I should revise my class home page to include only a brief paragraph followed by the class list and then inclue the info on the class home page as the first reading and bump all the others down. How do I do this? If I go in and try to create a new page with the information currently on the class home page, and then attempt to rename it as the reding for day 1, it says there's already a reading by that title and won't save.

Wait, it just occured to me that maybe I need to start at the last post in the series and work my way backwards. Yes? Or is there an easier way?

Posted by Dan Vis on 09/03/20
Kasey, I have been tinkering with your site (so you may have gotten a few drip emails) trying to get the cancel feature to work. It took me awhile to track down, but turns out it was an obscure issue related your specific situation (ie, only one class enrollment). I reworked my delete algorithm to account for those situations and it seems to be working now...

So sorry for the convenience. I appreciate you helping me track down some of these bugs. We'll get things ironed out soon, I'm sure. It's just we're pretty much building a whole new system--and any time you do that, there are bound to be a few initial bumps. We've pretty much got our platform finished now, so it's just testing and retesting everything to make sure we get it all just right...

I'm still hoping we can do a full roll out by October 1.
Posted by Kasey Norton on 09/02/20
Dan I found the link at the bottom of the page in current classes that allows me to drop the class. I clicked on it and confirmed I wanted to cancel the class and I got the confirmation for it, but I'm still enrolled.
Posted by Dan Vis on 08/31/20
I'll try and create some pages for those...
Posted by Dan Vis on 08/31/20
In the post on the dropdown menu Kasey, I suggest putting a link to current enrollments and your class list under the training tab.

Your class list should be called welcome.classes and your current enrollments could be welcome.classes.current?
Posted by Kasey Norton on 08/31/20
Ahh gotcha! I don't have a vision for how any of it will look. I'm just hoping for something easy to find and navigate which seems to be your specialty.
Posted by Dan Vis on 08/31/20
Try going to the class room directly Kasey: It's class.hebrews or class.ltps. The problem is, if you do this as an admin, you'll always have access, and you won't see the lessons unlock day by day. You really need to test with your test account.

I'm not sure I mentioned it but you probably want a page somewhere which shows current enrollments. And another page that shows available classes. I think maybe that's what you are struggling with. How to find the classes. I don't think there is anything in place in the core engine, as I wasn't sure how people wanted to do those but I could build something. The class offer system does refer to a members.classes page as a location where other available classes can be found, so that should definitely be created. And there's a trick to listing current enrollments I can show you. Let me see if I can pull something together...

Maybe you have some thoughts on how you want that to look?

The cancel option is in the classroom. Not on the offer page.

As for freshping, yes, that's absolutely essential for the drip emails to go out...
Posted by Kasey Norton on 08/30/20
Dan Okay, I realized I hadn't finished watching the video but I just did. I got Freshping going so maybe that will help trigger the class emails? Or maybe I still don't have something set right.

When I try signing up for the Hebrews class just to test things it prompts me to finish the LTPS class or quit it and then come back and enroll. But I don't see how to quit it and it doesn't give me any links to actually access the lessons.
Posted by Kasey Norton on 08/30/20
Dan I just don't see a way, as a student, to access the classes. The emails aren't working, or at least I haven't yet gotten any. The Hebrews class seems like it's more in place than the LTPS class which clearly means I'm missing something (and that it's not a problem with the class function) but I'm not sure what. And I'm clearly missing steps with the drip emails.
Posted by Dan Vis on 08/30/20
Oh, there's also this shortcut:
Posted by Dan Vis on 08/30/20
To create a button, just do this Kasey:

[[|Click Here|class=button]]

I've got your button class working fine on your site...

Also, let me know what makes you think your classes are not working. Is it you are not getting your emails to work? Is it you don't have access to the class? Is it you don't know how to get to the classroom? Can you be more specific? Which class is it? I can check your status for you if you want in that class...
Posted by Kasey Norton on 08/30/20
Dan Okay, I'm failing at utilizing the button class. What do I need to be adding where I want to trigger it?

I'm still missing steps in getting my courses to work. I've signed up for the one but all it shows me is the congrats note. I need to go back and review all your instructions on it to find what I haven't yet done.
Posted by Dan Vis on 08/25/20
PS. I still need to setup the button class on your skin!!!
Posted by Dan Vis on 08/25/20
Nope, this mistake was on me Kasey. The permissions were set wrong again. It's fixed now. There was also a broken link in the offer code page for guests.

Actually, at some point I plan to rework the whole guest login process, so it can log them in and take them right to the signup page on login. But now they have to use the regular join or login process, and then go back to the class.

It's a tricky problem, as you have to remember where they access your site from, and you have to consider the normal onboarding process (welcome experience)--which you don't want them to miss out on. So I have a basic system in place, until I have a bit more time to think about the best way to do this...

Anyway, check it out. Thanks for all your testing. It makes everything better for everyone!

Posted by Kasey Norton on 08/25/20
Dan You're a good teacher. One more question about this: When I browse logged in srounf the training feature it automatically generates a section at the bottom of the offer page about joining the class or that I'm already joined. When I browse without being logged in, the training page itself doesn't show a way to join the class. The portion in blue below the page content has the Join Now button. Am I missing a piece that I should have inserted to have it automatically say something about joining to take the class?

I'm sort of thinking this must have something to do with the page heirarchies you were explaining and that I need to tweak that? I'm so afraid to change page names because I break links and also sometimes don't even manage to get them changed right, like the page name I tried changing and it switched it to something.something.current. So I wanted to clarify that's where the issue is before I tinker and make a mess. :)
Posted by Dan Vis on 08/25/20
I'm thrilled for you Kasey. There's a bit of a learning curve, and our platform is quite fully built yet. But this really is going to work great once we've got it all done. Great job on your site! You are a fast learner...
Posted by Kasey Norton on 08/25/20
Dan I'm excited watching it all come together. I have more content to add in the training center (materials Bruce stayed with him when visiting our church in VA...has provided) but I've been waiting to see this whole thing spring to life and it is now! So fun!
Posted by Dan Vis on 08/25/20
Kasey, I think I have it all working now, more or less. I just saw another little bug this morning which I've fixed, but just saying there may be more bugs. Your help testing and getting everything just right is appreciated!
Posted by Kasey Norton on 08/24/20
No problem! Thank you!
Posted by Dan Vis on 08/23/20
Why don't you give me a little time to work on this Kasey. I've been doing a lot of debugging and tweaking of the school system to try and make it more rock solid. It could just be there's some version control between what's on your site, on the server, and on my test site. Once I get it all finished up, I'll double check your classes...
Posted by Kasey Norton on 08/23/20
Dan I just had my daughter browse and click into the training and the Learning to Pray Scripture offer page doesn't seem to be working as it doesn't provide a way to proceed to sign up. I'll go review the notes you left me and see if I'm missing something.

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