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Linking menu items to pages

Posted 09/18/20 by Kasey Norton

I am trying to populate some of the fields in my menu in the footer. How can I make those items clickable so that I can add content to them, linking them to pages, etc?


Posted by Dan Vis on 08/18/20
Your site is looking beautiful Kasey. Really like it!
Posted by Kasey Norton on 08/15/20
Dan, I so appreciate you getting that fixed for me. I'm a slow learner so it doesn't surprise me that I made that mistake. 😂

The way you set it up now works great!
Posted by Dan Vis on 08/14/20
I think you made a mistake when you changed the tabs along the top, as you forwarded it to site.mission rather than mission. The former is in the site admin area, so visitors would get a blocked page screen. The latter is where the actual mission stories are. And they all show up there just fine.

It looks like the scheduler form on the mission side of things didn't have a command to forward to the "mission" page after submission like the "blog" one does, so I've added that. You should notice the next time you post a mission story.

Actually, rather than trying to keep both these forms identical, I just went ahead and reworked your blog to give a toggle switch instead to select where you want to post it. That seems more logical. And would require less pages you have to keep in sync. Test it for awhile, and if it works fine, we can delete the site.mission pages.

And last I tweaked your tabs to remove the word "blog". Makes it look too crowded. If you also want to reduce the font size up there a bit, let me know.
Posted by Kasey Norton on 08/13/20
Okay, on mine it doesn't show in red but I did see the link to post it in the mission stories section instead. When I posted it there, I got the message saying that it had published successfully but it doesn't show up in either the blog or mission section. So mysterious! :)
Posted by Kasey Norton on 08/13/20
Dan, Okay, I'll change the blog tab name. Good idea!

Thanks for working on it! Oddly I don't see the red link or the test post 😂 I'm assuming I'm not looking in the right place again.
Posted by Dan Vis on 08/13/20
Kasey, might I suggest changing "blog" to "Walking Insider" in the tabs, and add "Mission Stories" or something similar there? It's at block.tabs, I think...
Posted by Dan Vis on 08/13/20
Looks like there is a slight problem Kasey. When you are on the draft editing page it automatically goes back to the page for scheduling. If you don't notice it will post to the wrong place.

I've done a little work fixing things up so there's now a red link that says Switch to Mission Stories and vice versa. So you can always jump to the right scheduler page. Tested it, and it works.

I may redesign it all, and just put a toggle switch on the scheduler page so you can just select where you want to publish it and only need to have one site admin section for both. Seems logical!

But for now, it's fixed up. Feel free to delete my test page. Then delete the entry from info.mission. Just to make sure you know how to do it! :)
Posted by Kasey Norton on 08/13/20
Dan, Thank you so much! It all looks great except for when I went and posted it went into the regular blog roll. What did I miss?

For reference, it's the one entitled The Petulant Mother
Posted by Dan Vis on 08/13/20
Yeah, it's pretty easy Kasey. Basically I just create a page called with this content on it: [(search group=blog*)] to display a list of all your current pages. Then excluding the actual articles, I went through and clicked each system page (blog, blog.header, blog.footer) and then clicked the copy action. And simply renamed it to mission, mission.header, mission.footer, etc.

Before saving, I scanned the content and replaced any references to the "blog" page hierarchy and changed it to mission. That was it!

I did the same for [(search*)], so you would have a site admin area for that blog as well. That should show up in your site.admin area automatically.

I probably could have figured out a way to combine both in one site admin area and just had a toggle to select which blog to post it to--but as long as we're not doing anything more complicated than 2 blogs, this was quickest.

Please note that when you create a draft, it's not differentiated which of your two blogs it will post to. So you will see both types of drafts in both blog areas, but it will publish to the appropriate blog based on which site admin area you are in when you hit schedule. I think that will be intuitive enough.

Please test it out as I may have missed a page name somewhere in which case we'll just need to dig into it and see where I missed a link to "blog" instead of "mission"...

You'll also probably want to put a link to this blog in your tabs along the top. Just go to block.tabs and add [[mission|Mission]] to the content. You may also want to customize some of the content for this section of your blog.

Hope this shows how flexible and versatile BoltWire can be! :) Once you start learning more of the capabilities (by studying the handbook) you'll be able to build anything like this you want in minutes!


PS. I left my test page up at your site at if you want to check it out and see my code. You can also compare the pages in both sections if you are curious about the differences in the underlying code, etc.
Posted by Kasey Norton on 08/13/20
Dan I feel like I'm this close to understanding how to set-up these copies of pages to create a second blog area. Once you do it, I'm eager to see if I was even on the right track in my thinking. :)
Posted by Dan Vis on 08/12/20
Kasey, just set it to go to [[mission|Mission Stories]]. Feel free to change the title. I'll set up the page for you when I can. :)
Posted by Kasey Norton on 08/12/20
Awesome! That worked to access it by going in through the page block.bottom! I'll work on it to see if I can get any of those links clickable. Thank you!

One of my menu items that I'm creating a link for is the one we talked about for mission stories where I need a separate blog. I'm lost there :)
Posted by Dan Vis on 08/12/20
Kasey, just go to the page: block.bottom. And then add &action=edit. So your url will look like

Or just go to the page and click the edit action--which simply adds the rest of the url for you.

I'll see if I can't get the zones action to automatically supply a clickable link. I thought it did, but maybe I broke something. I've been doing a LOT of work on BoltWire lately! :)

Just remember, you can always go to any page you want if you know the name by just typing it in the url.
Posted by Kasey Norton on 08/12/20
When I go into zones and find block.bottom, it isn't clickable and there isn't an edit button so I haven't been able to access it. What am I missing?
Posted by Dan Vis on 08/11/20
Just create a link to a page Kasey. For example, if you wanted to create an about us page, I would put [[welcome.about|About Us]]. I put it in the "welcome" hierarchy because this is a page non-members can view. If I wanted to limit it to members only I would create a link like [[members.coolstuff|Cool Stuff]]. Then they would have to be logged in to access it.

Now just creating a link doesn't create the page of course. But when you save it, it will produce a clickable link (and the small question mark tells you the page doesn't exist). Just click the link and it should open up a blank page you can start putting content in. You might also want to set the title of the page to About Us or Cool Stuff, depending.

Now here's how you get to the footer part. On your site, you'll see a "zones" action. That's a special tool designed to diagnose all the pages used to construct your site. That is, where the header and footer are drawn from, the side menu, etc. If you click that you'll see information about all those sections. What you are looking for is the page that fills the "bottom" zone.

On your skin (and most of them) it is block.bottom. You've already been there because you have edited yours. But just in case you forgot, just go to that page and click the edit action. Then you can start putting in the links you want. And creating the pages that go with them.

Let me know if you have any troubles.

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