Challenges with homePage?

Posted 07/03/22 by John de Boyd

Top of the morning everyone, considering it is morning, at least Central time. Anyhow, that's largely irrelevant.

I changed the config for homePage and homeMobile from welcome to index. Now some functionality is not working properly. For instance, when changing the authorizations for View, altering welcome* to index*, if I'm logged out the block.side-guest stops functioning, saying access is blocked when trying to join / login. Additionally, if I try to edit the zone for the tabs, to change welcome.user to index.user, even without altering the aforementioned authorizations, it stops functioning altogether (page is not found).

Is there a guide on how to change the homePage and homeMobile and still keep functionality throughout the wiki?

Or does someone have some guidance for me on how to make these changes from welcome to index while still retaining site-wide functionality?


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