Changing Cart Colors

Posted 06/03/23 by Dan Vis


How do you change the color of the form in the I was thinking of it being pinkish as opposed to the blue.


If you edit the page you'll notice the various lists use template=store. That template can be found at If you edit that page you'll see these two bits of code:

[t style='background-color:#D5E0EA;' ]

[c cols=3 style='padding: 10px 20px; background-color:#C6D6E3;']

The first is the lighter color of the whole table. The second is the darker color of the top row in each list.

You can reset those to any values you want. But to generate the right hexidecimal value, you probably need a color picker tool. Here's one you can try:

It should be a six digit value with numbers 0-9 and/or letters between a and f. It starts with a # symbol and ends with a ; symbol.

You can also use some common color names like black, white, red, and green... But with a hex code, you can get the exact tint you want!


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