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Activating Domain Name 2

Posted 11/28/20 by Dan Vis

Hi All,

Looks like I gave you incorrect information on how to activate your domain names... :(

It's actually a bit easier. The bold lines are changed

1) Login to or your registrar.
2) Click the dashboard tab and look for a link that says manage domains.
3) Select your domain from the list.
4) Click the small "edit" link in the "Name Servers" section. (Bottom left of page).
5) Add these two entries for nameserver 1 and 2:
6) Click save.

Evidently my IP address was changed at some point. This approach is actually better because if the ip address changes in the future, your new nameserver will automatically correct everything.

I was told the DNS records you entered previously will automatically be reset, so you don't need to worry about correcting them. But you can double check those if you want.

Remember, it will still take up to 24 hours to reset all the servers around the world.

So sorry this has taken so long. I've been checking a few of your sites to see when they transfer--and couldn't figure out why it wasn't working. Unfortunately, I'm not an expert on DNS, but this should solve things!


Posted by Dan Vis on 08/20/20
This is the correct post now!

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