How do I create a Link?

Posted 08/09/22 by Dan Vis

You link to a page by simply putting the page name in brackets like this:


But normally you want to display the page title instead so you can do something like this:


The "+" just means use the page title. You can also do this if you want:

[[blog.start-here|click here]]

There's also a shortcut you can use, which is equivalent to the second option above:


Here's a few additional notes.

If you are working on a dynamic menu, you might want to look at the search, or query function. These include many advanced options for generating all kinds of displays automatically. For example, try putting this on a test page just to see what happens:

[(search groups=drafts*,blog* fmt=indent)]

There's more information about these functions in the Handbook.

And last, if you change the page name, you have to change the links! But fortunately there's a linkrot feature in BoltWire to help with that. Starting in BoltWire 7.08 it's turned off by default. By you can set linkrot: true in site.config to enable it. And then on site.linkrot you'll gradually see any broken links BoltWire encounters as people navigate your site.


Posted by Dan Vis on 08/25/20
There are some other shortcuts too, you might want to keep in ind:


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