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Extensions > Plugins > Quicklinks

Bored by the linear list of actions on the top zone of your site? Bothered by the proximity of "create" and "edit", "print" and "register" when they refer to really different kinds of actions?

Here is a little recipe giving you a nice top menu with quick links to frequently visited pages, like the following:

Site: help | search
Account: login | register
Current page: view | print

Quick links: Home ~ Rules? ~ Forum? ~ Faq?

Here's a similar example with the conditionals escaped so you can follow the logic of it as an inspiration for the kinds of things you can do:

Site: pages | members | recent changes [if login] | create page[if][if admin] | zones | admin area[if] | help | search
Account: [if ! login]login | register[else]profile? | memberships? | inbox | logout[if]
Current page: view | print[if login] | create child | copy[if auth write check={p}] | edit | move | retitle | delete[if][if editor] | source[if][if moderator] | history | data[if][if]

Quick links: Home ~ Game? ~ Characters? ~ Rules? ~ Encyclopedia? ~ Gallery? ~ Faq?

The display depends on you skin. You can also of course use the css class of your choice for this, or even put than anywhere else on your pages.

This only consists in a few steps:

In code.settings, append

quicklinks: Quick links: [[main|+]] ~ [[rules|+]] ~ [[forum|+]] ~ [[help.faq|+]]

siteactions: Site: [[{p}&action=help|help]] | [[{p}&action=search|search]][if login] | [[{p}&action=create|create page]][if][if admin] | [[{p}&action=changes|recent changes]] | [[{p}&action=zones|zones]] | [[site|admin area]][if]

accountactions: Account: [if ! login][[{p}&action=login|login|rel=nofollow]] | [[action.register|register|link=nofollow]][else][[member.{id}|profile]] | [[{p}&action=logout|logout]][if]

pageactions: Current page: [[{p}&action=view|view]] | [[{p}&action=print|print|link=nofollow]][if login] | [[{p}&action=copy|copy]][if auth write check={p}] | [[{p}&action=edit|edit]] | [[{p}&action=rename|move]] | [[{p}&action=title|retitle]] | [[{p}&action=delete|delete]][if][if editor] | [[{p}&action=undo|history]] | [[{p}&action=source|source]] | [[{p}&action=data|data]][if][if]

In page "top", replace {actions} by

<div class=actions>
{siteactions}<br />
{accountactions}<br />

Customize it as you wish. You could for example create a sitemap action or an action with a contact form, or an action showing the list of members or you could add the [[member.{id}&actions=groups|memberships]] (with rights @own on action.groups) etc... But don't forget that the purpose of an action is to stay on the same page (except for the "Account action" redirecting each logged in user to its profile page, or the membership link because of the right @own restricting it to the current user's profile page). Otherwise the link you are thinking of should be a quicklink.