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Summary: An instant KJV Bible with search, menus, and anchors.
Status: Stable, Version 4.18

This zip file contains the entire KJV Bible, plus a searchable index, a starting "bible" page with built in search form, and a header with pull down menus that jump to the specified pages. It's a pretty good size download:


To install, just extract the zip to your pages folder.

Better still, create a "bible" subdirectory in your pages folder, and extract all your pages to there. Then, go to site.folders and enter

bible: bible

This simply keeps all your bible pages in a separate folder from your other pages.

To make a Bible available on all your sites, set it up as a page library. Create a bible folder in your shared folder and extract the pages there. Then in index.php before calling the engine, add this line:

$BOLTpageLibraries['bible'] = '../shared/bible';

This tells BoltWire to go to the shared location anytime you call a page that begins with bible.

Note: If you use a page library, you will not be able to edit the pages through your browser.


To use, just create a link somewhere to page bible. They can then go to any book or chapter. Or search the Bible for a key word.

You can link to specific chapters by using the book number. That is, Genesis 1 is [[bible.1.1|Genesis 1]]. Revelation 22 is [[bible.66.22|Revelation 22]].

This Bible also has anchors, so you can link to or even retrieve specific verses. For example, John 3:16 is

[(include bible.43.3#16)]

3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.