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Its innovative architecture combined with best-in-class forms processing makes it ideal for creating complex, interactive, web applications fast...





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BoltWire is like a giant pile of legos you can put together in thousands of ways. It is not hobbled or crippled in any way. If you enjoy tinkering, you are going to love it! But who has time to tinker?

To speed your development, we offer several premium expansion modules. Just grab one and dump it on top of your existing installation. Everything becomes instantly available to all your sites. For information about purchasing a module, contact me at and let me know what you need.

dashboardA powerful toolbox to organize all your admin tasks, and keep everything on your site running smooth.
accountsVerify emails, reset passwords, manage accounts, and more
profilepixAllow users to upload profile pix. Automatically resize and crop to fit.
messagingCreate message boxes for members to communicate with each other.
blogCreate blogs with comments, archives, and more. Multiple authors, pre-scheduled posts, etc.
forumSetup single or multiple forum areas. Includes tools for searching and moderating forum posts.
socialTools to get your site going on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.
filesA lightning fast file management tool: move, rename, copy, delete, purge, search, replace, and more.
toolsAdditional power tools you can use to create language packs, get php info, extract plugins, and more.
bootstrapA special skin built on the Bootstrap framework developed by Twitter.
rssUse the RSS skin to instantly create an RSS feed from any pages in your site you wish to include.
popupInclude a handy little skin and code you can use to create popup windows as needed.
bonusBonus markups, like smileys, rollovers, progress bars, dropdown menus, gui buttons, self-sorting tables, etc.
notifySimple script to monitor pages in your site, and notify you of changes instantly or in a digest.
chatA flexible chat system you can use to create chatrooms, instant messaging, or a live help desk.
newsA powerful email newsletter system. Includes auto subscribe/unsubscribe, smtp, throttling, and more.
storeFrom simple snippets to a full featured ecommerce system with in-site credit card processing capabilities.
donateBecome a partner and get access to all our BoltWire modules.