Getting Started

If you have already downloaded our software, thank you! Welcome to the BoltWire community! If not, you can grab our free Download here.

This page gives a few tips on getting started:

To install BoltWire, simply extract our zip download to the root directory of your webserver, then navigate to boltwire/start.php. Follow the onscreen instructions and you can create your first test site in seconds. Not sure what a webserver is? Read our easy language Installation guide.

Once you've got our site installed, here's a quick Site Checklist of the first 10 things you should do with your new site.

Click here to read our License. Don't worry, it's free!

To learn more about our software, explore our Docs. Start with our helpful Welcome Tour. Then move on to our comprehensive Handbook.

The extensions area offers information about included Plugins, Skins, and Language Packs. Plus inexpensive pro modules that expand BoltWire even further.

Want to get even more involved in our community? Join our Community Mail List. The volume is not excessive, and we're a friendly, helpful lot!