Release History

We're thrilled to announce the long awaited release of BoltWire 7.00. This was one of the biggest and most important releases in our history.

However, it is not 100% compatible with previous versions so you will want to read the changelog below in detail. I would consider this version semi experimental, so upgrade with care!

Click here for more info about deprecated features.

Recent Releases July 16, 2020
[true][true ! ()]* No changes yet... July 2, 2020
I spent much of the last two weeks updating my own, pretty massive site from 6.xx to 7.xx and this release is the result of plowing through that process. It took some work, but it results in lot's of important fixes. I'm pretty much done with changes for awhile now other than minor maintenance releases. Still need an update script for 6.xx memberships. Once that is done I'll end the 6.xx series. June 8, 2020
This is another pretty big release with a couple big fixes, some improved code, and some nice new features. I'm pretty well calling a light freeze to new features, so I can focus more on polishing things up. I've also cut down the time it takes on the checklist to put together the skeleton of a basic site to minutes. June 5, 2020 June 3, 2020
This is largely a maintenance release fixing a few bugs reported from the prior releases, and adding a couple big plugins. Definitely a good upgrade from version 7.01, but remember the membership system does not work with sites prior to 7.01, and the skins won't work with sites prior to 7.00. Overall, things are looking pretty good, but while things are in flux, I'd be reluctant to use on a production site. June 2, 2020
Just did another major release, as a second step in our upgrade process to 7.xx. This one deals primarily with implementing the new membership system, though there were quite a few changes. Fortunately, no bug reports from 7.0, so I'm starting to feel more confident with the stability of this release. The main issue will be developing an easy upgrade path from 6.xx. In fact, even compared with 7.0, the membership system in this release is incompatible unless you use the include simplelogin plugin. May 26, 2020
I achieved virtually all my goals in this first release, so I decided to skip the beta releases and go right into an initial trial release of 7.00. Here it is!

Some of the changes below will require some tweaking to update your site. My advice is to play around with it for awhile on a new test site and help make sure everything is working right. In a short time, I'll have a full tutorial on how to upgrade an existing site, and if there are any major bugs we'll hopefully iron them out soon!

Release Archives

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