BoltWire is a FREE content management system written in PHP.

Its innovative architecture combined with best-in-class forms processing makes it ideal for creating complex, interactive, web applications fast...

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Release History

BoltWire was first released January 2, 2008. It has completed 5 development cycles, and more than 180 releases. We began our 6th development cycle with the release of version 6.00 on February 14, 2018. Here are some notes on deprecated features and info about our future roadmap.

Below you can find a log of recent changes to our software. Please scan these carefully when upgrading to make sure some change has not been made that will impact your site. Here's a helpful tutorial on doing upgrades. January 15, 2019 October 12, 2018
This is a pretty big release with lot's of small tweaks, a few bug fixes, and the long anticipated query function. It's been nearly 8 months of daily work with this script, and I'm quite sure I have NOT documented every tweak, but I don't think there is anything disruptive in this release. :) Feb 14, 2018
This release includes internal modifications designed to remove deprecated PHP code, plus other changes designed to speed up performance, simplify the code, and enhance functionality. I would consider this version quasi-experimental until I get more usage feedback from the community. It may also disrupt existing installations. Still, this is a much needed, and significant improvement.

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