Release History

We're thrilled to have advanced to BoltWire version 8.00. Version 8 is another big step forward in our goal to make BoltWire a turn key solution for building interactive community driven sites. The upgrade path from 7.xx is fairly easy--with the main difference being a new directory structure for the core system files. My recommendation is create a fresh code directory (call it boltWire8) and then update your index files. My upgrade of BoltWire was completely painless!

Below you can find a log of our most recent changes to this software. Please scan these carefully when upgrading to make sure some change has not been made that will impact your site. Here's a helpful tutorial on doing upgrades. And here is info on managing deprecated features. Reach out if you have any questions.

Recent Releases July 4, 2022
I've been working ont his updgrade for sometime and have been using it on my site for months, so it seems to be working pretty well. I decided to release it today as my way of giving back to our BoltWire community on July 4, one of my all-time favorite holidays... Some of the features in version 8.00 include...

  • Reorganizing the default distribution file organization.
    • Moved engine.php to boltwire directory. You'll need to update your index.php file to the new location. (ie boltwire/scripts/engine.php to boltwire/engine.php).
    • Moved bonus plugins in system/plugins to shared/plugins.
    • Moved all but core skins from system/skins to shared/skins.
    • Moved core scripts from scripts to system/plugins (now empty). The "scripts" folder, now empty, has been deleted, so basically the system, shared, and local site folders should be nicely parallel in structure.
    • Divided up library.php to multiple smaller scripts organized around key BoltWire systems, and put leftover functions in utilities.php. Some of these new core scripts include 'io', 'skins', 'forms', 'indexer', 'query', 'template', 'mbase', 'vspace'. Basically, went from 7 big scripts to 15 smaller scripts.
  • Changed how core scripts load, to make it easier to substitute them. That is, can overwrite any by a custom script in shared/plugins, and those by scripts in site/plugins. This gives developers far more power to customize entire aspects of BoltWire as desired.
  • Note the bonus scripts in shared/plugins can similarly be overridden by scripts in local plugins. Also, the plugins system var is now appended to in grabPlugin, so it include both regular, and (now) dynamically loaded supplemental plugins.
  • Fixed all scripts/plugins/pages to not use hard coded folder locations in searches (no longer needed). This was largely so I could use custom folder locations for my site seamlessly in BoltWire. My site has a LOT of files and I need to organize them a bit. But it also frees you up to use any file structure you want--using a custom myBOLTfolders function.
  • Rewrote page creation process a bit to use a BOLTmakeHTML and BOLTmakePage function. Similar to before, but now easier to access custom hooks. Renamed a few functions. If you have functions capitalizing on custom hooks, check your hooks still exist. If not let me know and I can give you their new names.
  • Can define location of site.config in index.php using $siteConfig value (consisting of path to from root and file name). So if you had your file in pages/site/site.config you'll need to set that manually in index.php. Advantage, more flexibility--can put anywhere.
  • Added a cool define feature, to dynamically set vars on a page. How, simply create a "define" data var, and include as many info vars as desired with vars, functions, conditions, and/or links in the value for the field. When the page loads, these are loaded, processed and system vars are assigned. So if you put for simple example "time: <(time %x)>" as a line in the define variable, then when the page loads {time} will render whatever the current date is. Quite cool...
  • Added a get=true parameter for links which automatically passes on all GET vars on the current except for p and action.
  • Added a sort=time parameter to queries, which requires a second timestamp= parameter (or something similar) to specify where the time is drawn from. If not a timestamp, will be converted to a timestamp and the sorting done appropriately.
  • I'm removing some of the legacy supplemental scripts out (vspace, sitefolders, bufferoutput), moving some to the pro version (sortable, dropdown, ajax, and diff), and putting cookie capabilities in the core.

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