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Deprecated Features

BoltWire tracks pages using features that are about to be deprecated. It reports this information in your site on page site.deprecate. This gives you time to manually inspect those pages before features are changed in the core code, so there are no disruptions in your service. Note that BoltWire will not catch a rarely visited page, as pages are only flagged when viewed.


Search Query Parameter
We've created a new query function which works exactly the same as the query parameter in the search function, except it takes a page parameter (instead of query) or it will even take a page name in argument 1. Search functions using the query function are currently marked as deprecated and should be rewritten to [(query page='' ...)]. After one or two releases that parameter will be removed from search. The same for the search command.

Getlink Function
Just realized the getlink and zone functions are duplicates of each other. The zone function seems to be the better name, though getlink had more features. So I've copied over the code and deprecated getlink. Simply change getlink to zone in any functions on your site.

Memberships Function
The memberships command & function has been renamed to groups. For a time, both will work, but using memberships will be flagged as deprecated to give you time to update your code. Simply change from memberships to groups.


Inlist Page Recognition
Before 5.08, the inlist would automatically recognize pages allowing you to do [if inlist item] and even convert the page to a csv list. But because you might have a single item list with the same name as a page this was changed in 6.0. You should change the old behavior to [if inlist item].

Tagcloud Page
Before 5.08, you could just put "cloud" as a parameter in the tags function to generate a tag cloud. As of 6.0, you must put fmt=cloud.

Config Legends
Prior to 5.07 you could define info page legends in the site.config page. That feature was dropped in 6.0. Now you must define as a simple legend parameter in the search query. If you want something central, you can define it in code.settings and just do legend={my_legend}. Having a legend row in the info page still works as well.

Custom Sort Hook
As of 6.0 you will have to change the hook for custom sort functions from BOLTsortSomeFunc to myBOLTsortSomeFunc, to make it more consistent with the other webhooks.

Click here for information on older deprecated features.