BoltWire tracks pages using features that are about to be deprecated. It reports this information in your site on page site.deprecate. This gives you time to manually inspect those pages before features are changed in the core code, so there are no disruptions in your service. Note that BoltWire will not catch a rarely visited page, as pages are only flagged when viewed.

The Preview Function
With recent fixes to the passform and source functions, the preview function is now no longer really needed. I'm currently flagging it as deprecated (7.03) though that may change if some use case turns up that makes it worth keeping. I've updated all the core actions to no longer use this function.

The Time Conditional
In BoltWire 7.01 we deprecated the time conditional. This has been replaced with a before and an after conditional. Please update your use of this condition.

The following features were expired in version 7.01

RE shortlink
This was a relatively new feature. After just a couple releases, I switched it to LINK. In other words, creates a link. no longer works.

Case Conditional
When we first introduced the "switch" parameter in conditionals, it was called "case". We quickly changed that to switch which is what we've been using ever since. In this release I stopped flagging "case" as deprecated and removed the code from the core.

At some point the getlink function was renamed the zones function. In this release we deleted the code and removed the deprecated flag.

The following features were expired in version 7.00.

Use of the code.settings page will be flagged as deprecated starting in version 6.04. Starting in 6.9 (the first beta release for 7.0) you will no longer be able to use the code.settings page to define system vars, so your goal before upgrading is to eliminate dependence on this page. One solution is to use simple infovars instead. IE: use {code.settings::myvar} rather than {myvar}. In 7.xx we'll be using a new format for inserting skin block elements, some vars (like sitename, slogan, keywords, etc) will be set in site.config, and other vars like skin colors will be set in our new skin settings system. Contact me if you are not sure how to eliminate or work around any of your current code.settings vars before jumping to 6.90.

In 7.xx we'll be moving templates from to for various reasons. To prepare for your upgrade, simply copy the prior pages to the new page name (don't rename for now). And then after upgrading successfully, delete the old template pages. Note: you should check each function calling a template as it makes a difference how the template is called. For example, if you set (where the entire page name is defined) BoltWire will continue to point to the old template page, unless you reset it to On the other hand if you set fmt=forum BoltWire will change it's default behavior from looking for to looking for So you need to not only make copies of the templates at the new location but also inspect each function.

Search Query Parameter
We are planning to move the query parameter in the search function out to a completely separate function. This change has not yet been done, but we are flagging usage as of 6.0. Once the new code is available, we will update this page with instructions about how to update your site.

Click here for information about previously deprecated features.