BoltWire 8.0 to 9.0 Transition

Usually big number jumps are upgrades that require some reconfiguration in your site for them to continue working. Minor releases don't affect basic functionality, only specific details.

The 9.0 release included some of both. In the release notes I outlined the major changes you need to make on your site. Namely: understand the new directory structure, note the new location for engine.php, and rewrite all your custom commands to only use a single $args parameter.

But there were a lot of smaller changes worth noting:

  • I've changed mbaseNew default from new.member to This basically is where new accounts go who have not yet created a title var in mbase. It allows you to create a nifty orientation process for new accounts. Obviously, can be set back in site.config.
  • I'm getting rid of some features I've never used. Namely translations of function names.
  • I'm also stripping out special auth controls for commands and functions. Maybe more!
  • I rewrote the setcookie command to allow you to save fields=field1,field2,etc. Or can still use field= and value=. Note this used to be in the passdata field as an alternate mode. It's no longer there. The mode=post is still there.
  • Similarly, I deleted the info mode from the savedata command. I've never used, and it just didn't feel write. Having a way to save multiple info values on a page is a cool idea however--so I added it to the info command. Use "fields" just as with cookies.
  • I think I'm going to put the mbase command/function in the mbase script. And similarly the skin command in the skins script. These are big ugly complicated things and should be grouped all together.
  • I created a copy function. I didn't use before because the same functionality can be used by creating from a page, but just felt like it was needed. Note I deleted the renametree parameter in the rename function.
  • To clear all prior messages in the msg command set clear=true. Before it was args[1]=all. Not very intuitive.