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BoltWire 6.0

Below you will find the entire release history for the 6.xx series: May 22, 2020
I just uploaded a quick fix to 6.03 that deprecates two features that will not be available in 7.xx. First, use of the code.settings page and second template pages that will need to be moved to code.template pages. There is no change in functionality, but you will want to run this version for a week or more to try and catch possible issues before upgrading to our 7.xx beta series (version 6.90, coming soon). See our deprecated page for more information. April 29, 2020
It's been a long while since I've done a release but I've been adding features and fixing bugs all this time. Unfortunately, they are probably not all well documented. I decided to do this release to polish off our 6.xx series so I can clear the way for our 7.xx series. I had to back track some new code I'm already using so there may be a few issues with this release, but it appears to be working right. If you note any problems, I'll be happy to add any needed fixes. But otherwise, we'll be heading into 7.xx very soon. That will be a bigger and more problematic transition! January 15, 2019 October 12, 2018
This is a pretty big release with lot's of small tweaks, a few bug fixes, and the long anticipated query function. It's been nearly 8 months of daily work with this script, and I'm quite sure I have NOT documented every tweak, but I don't think there is anything disruptive in this release. :) Feb 14, 2018
This release includes internal modifications designed to remove deprecated PHP code, plus other changes designed to speed up performance, simplify the code, and enhance functionality. I would consider this version quasi-experimental until I get more usage feedback from the community. It may also disrupt existing installations. Still, this is a much needed, and significant improvement.

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