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BoltWire 3.0

Below you will find the entire release history for the BoltWire 3.xx series.

boltwire3.5.zip January 31, 2013 boltwire3.4.16.zip October 17, 2011 boltwire3.4.15.zip January 31, 2011 boltwire3.4.14.zip September 6, 2010 boltwire3.4.13.zip June 24, 2010 boltwire3.4.12.zip May 2, 2010 boltwire3.4.11.zip March 25, 2010 boltwire3.4.10.zip March 23, 2010 boltwire3.4.9.zip March 19, 2010 boltwire3.4.8.zip March 16, 2010 boltwire3.4.7.zip March 16, 2010 boltwire3.4.6.zip March 15, 2010 boltwire3.4.5.zip March 14, 2010
=   value equal criteria
< value less than criteria
> value more than criteria
& value between criteria1|criteria2
, value in csv list criteria1,criteria2
+ value in the criteria (strpos)
- value not in the criteria (strpos)
? value is set to something
! value is not set to criteria
0 value does not match pattern /criteria/
1 value does match pattern /criteria/

boltwire3.4.4.zip March 12, 2010 boltwire3.4.3.zip March 11, 2010 boltwire3.4.2.zip March 9, 2010 boltwire3.4.1.zip March 9, 2010

Note: This release involves many minor changes to the code, including significant changes to the markup table, a couple new functions (vspace, vspacecheck), and a renamed function (stripquotes => trimChars), plus probably more things I can't recall. Consider this release highly experimental, and plan to take some time to review your site carefully after upgrading for minor formatting changes changes. Thanks for helping polishing this release up. You gotta see the new html... Good stuff!

boltwire3.4.zip March 8, 2010
Just re-released 3.3.9 as 3.4, latest stable. No changes from the last release, but will be maintaining this release for awhile still. Getting close to the end of our 3.xx series...

boltwire3.3.9.zip March 7, 2010

Note: this last change also requires you to run fix3.3.9.php? to update your existing source files. Simply copy to your field folder, and call the script directly and follow the onscreen instructions.

boltwire3.3.8.zip March 2, 2010 boltwire3.3.7.zip February 19, 2010 boltwire3.3.6.zip January 10, 2010 boltwire3.3.5.zip January 7, 2010 boltwire3.3.4.zip January 6, 2010 boltwire3.3.3.zip January 4, 2010 boltwire3.3.2.zip December 9, 2009 boltwire3.3.1.zip December 1, 2009 boltwire3.3.zip November 12, 2009 boltwire3.2.11.zip November 2, 2009 boltwire3.2.10.zip November 1, 2009 boltwire3.2.9.zip October 22, 2009 boltwire3.2.8.zip October 20. 2009 boltwire3.2.7.zip October 18, 2009 boltwire3.2.6.zip October 14, 2009 boltwire3.2.5.zip October 13, 2009 boltwire3.2.4.zip October 11, 2009 boltwire3.2.3.zip October 10, 2009 boltwire3.2.2.zip October 9, 2009 boltwire3.2.1.zip October 8, 2009 Many changes in this. Consider somewhat experimental... boltwire3.2.zip November 13, 2009 boltwire3.18.zip October 5, 2009 boltwire3.17.zip October 1, 2009 boltwire3.16.zip September 28, 2009 boltwire3.15.zip September 20, 2009 boltwire3.14.zip September 18, 2009 boltwire3.13.zip September 15, 2009 boltwire3.12.zip September 7, 2009 boltwire3.11.zip September 4, 2009 Another small, quick release on the heels of yesterdays, with minor bug fixes and feature enhancements. boltwire3.10.zip September 3, 2009 boltwire3.09.zip August 31, 2009 boltwire3.08.zip August 3, 2009

boltwire3.07.zip May 21, 2009
A quick release with another fix to the info report function to clear up remaining/new bugs. I think we got it working right this time...

boltwire3.06.zip May 20, 2009 boltwire3.05.zip May 15, 2009

boltwire3.04.zip May 13, 2009
This is a somewhat experimental release with some (minor) changes that could affect existing sites. I'd recommend backing up your site carefully before upgrading. You will also want to run the fixer script? to update your existing pages to use the new markup. See instructions below.


To use the fixer script, copy the fix.php? script to the same location as your index.php file. Then call it in your browser, refreshing the page until it tells you all your pages are updated. You will need to do this for each field. This switches ++ and -- markups to << and >>. It also changes the --- markup back to the normal -- markup. Upgrade with care as some isolated pages may be affected by the changes. If you are not using the default 'pages' directory and/or location for your pages, you will have to hack the script to use the proper folder. Sorry for this late addition to 3.xx. It was just a great idea, and I KNEW immediately it was the answer I was looking for to the very old dash problem.

boltwire3.03.zip May 6, 2009 boltwire3.02.zip April 19, 2009 boltwire3.01.zip Apr 7, 2009 boltwire3.00.zip Apr 4, 2009
Finally flipped the switch and switched over to 3.xx. Please be sure to upgrade your plugins and custom php config files. Specifically:

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