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May 26

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May 21

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May 20

BoltWire 1.0 to 2.0 Transition

Listed below are some of the many changes introduced in BoltWire in the major switch from 1.0 to 2.0. Unlike most preview upgrades, this one will not be "completely" painless. See below for a brief summary of how to upgrade a 1.0 site to 2.0.

Note: While I tried to document the changes in this release, there were probably many not listed below. Please feel free to ask questions if something does not seem to be working. The new approaches and features should be worth the upgrade.

In upgrading to 2.0, you will notice several changes (some minor and some major). Understanding these is important if you are upgrading a site.

Minor Fixes New Features Potential Upgrade Problems
  1. Major restructuring of BoltWire, to include a barn and farm, and field folders for easier installation and configuration. The new structure is completely contained in the zip download.
  2. Simplified the site.config page. Also eliminated the use of site.config.plugin pages. Now plugins are enabled by simply putting enableRSS on site.config rather than enableRSS: true.
  3. Stripped out a good bit of code to form multiple small plugins: tags, math, trails, phptools, crypt, popups, quote, smileys, hotlinks, notify, find, comments, counter, gui, highlight, & sandbox.
  4. Will make docs available as a separate zip--though they probably need to be updated some first. Will probably do something similar with the snippets.

In upgrading, I would recommend starting with a clean BoltWire 2.0 installation. Study the new directory structure carefully. Then:

  1. Installation Restructuring
    • Copy the field folder to a sister location with your choice of names, or just rename it.
    • Copy over your existing field pages and directories. Delete any special path variables from index.php unless you are sure you understand how the new layout and page variables works.
    • Rename the toolbox folder to config.
    • Fire up your index.php file to see if it is working...
  2. Site Configuration & Plugins
    • You might want to print out a copy of your site.config page (for a record) and then delete it manually from the field location. Reset any listed values desired. Note some values may no longer be needed.
    • Delete any site.config.plugin pages. They won't work any more. If you have a plugin with them, upgrade.
    • Copy all desired plugins and backup files to the farm plugins folder. This will probably involve several new ones from the BoltWire site. Many old core features are now in plugins. Plugins in the toolbox/config folder will no longer be loaded.
    • Go to action.install and begin turning on any desired plugins. Each should be just about one click!
    • If you prefer more fine grained control, install the plugin (if there is a .backup file to extract), delete the plugin entry from site.config, and then use config files to turn on the .php file when and where desired.
  3. Documentation
    • Use BoltWire's site docs (and perhaps help update them).
    • Or, copy your old 1.0 docs from the barn/pages folder to your new local field/pages folder.

Actually, the upgrade was pretty painless for my site. So don't be intimidated by the changes. The new features and greater simplicity are worth it!

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