BoltWire 1

Below you will find the entire release history for the 1.xx series. April 24, 2008
Added option for default $BOLTdefaultExclude parameter in searches, added fieldset, legend, and label capabilities, several fixes to skinvars, and $$skinPath, added simple styling for blockquotes, revised site page to use a table and added site.pages, complete rewrite (again) of the bullets code, related style sheet improvements, and a fix for bullets in templates, changed bug in hotlinks styles, added dynamic field creation capabilities to data action, and moved several templates to corresponding action pages. April 17, 2008
Changed small and large markups to use classes in default css, slight update of site.config page, closed <hr /> tag, closed <img /> tags & put alt='' in all, changed pattern for skinvars to exclude dots, and hyphens, improve indexing function to exclude letters in html entities, removed notes from actions, better styling of default sidebar headers (larger), added input[type="password"] css rule, added a BOLTpluginBody array, like BOLTpluginHeader array and changed makepage function to 1) do final strip slash before adding BOLTpluginHeader/BOLTpluginBody additions, and to allow markup functions to change those values. April 13, 2008
Added case parameter to find function, moved charset meta to top of default skin, strips trailing . or / from page name, fixed bug causing data vars override text vars, related update to login command code, moved to code.skinvars, and can now put skin vars in skin or zones, updated default skin zones, can now put inline styling in p, span, and div markups, fixed small bug in templates involving not escaping the none option, and added ability to store templates on action pages when calling an action. April 10, 2008
Added cool new BOLTpluginHeader variable, removed typo in rename command, rewrote code passing search parameters to templates, fixed several small errors in the select/option markup, skin failures now reverts to default and uses internal messaging, slightly reworked code for missing link mark, and added to uploads, added a reload=true parameter to allow re-uploading files, and fixed typo in the login skin var on the page. April 6, 2008
Rewrote the BOLTfilter function to make it easier to create patterns, fixed the rename action to allow threads, reworked translation module a bit to use a new delimiter and several related fixes, aadded translation marks to most of the common actions, created a new "site" page with a nice dynamic list of most system pages, and added or modified a few new pages to improve the display (including a site.languages page. The site actions now use this "site" page instead of "all actions". April 4, 2008
Added ability to do hierarchies in the search group parameter, and added an include parameter, added a $BOLTpluginPage[$page] variable that essentially allows you to essentially embed system pages in a plugin.php file, added a template.toc page to the core, and turned on the gui buttons by default in core actons. April 2, 2008
Added a gui edit script, mostly in the code.embed.gui and code.embed.guiscript pages. Buttons are in icons/gui folder. To use, just set parameter gui=true in a box markup(or gui=altpage for code.embed.gui.altpage to allow multiple gui's). Also fixed an apparent glitch in complex conditional processing, and a bug in the exists conditional involving the dir parameter. Added redirect=true to delete action. And fixed counter script to not trigger on system pages. Finally, moved the smileys to icons/smileys folder. March 31, 2008
Fixes bug in bullets markup, a conflict in the template display function, a bug in the session source parameter, and improved template display to allow skipping of group/page values. Added myBOLTfunction checks to three key functions: makepage, loadpage, and savepage. Fixed cached search queries to connect them to specific pages. Added an optional color parameter to the highlight function. Perhaps most important: subtle changes to code, default skin, and default style to validate at March 28, 2008
This release fixes a small bug in the getzones function (deleted lines 372-373), added a complete rework of the bullets markup, made a small fix on the default skin, and added two new features.
1) Added a $BOLTpageStore variable to cache pages so they only need to be read once from file.
2) Added a stopwatch feature to engine.php. Basically, to use, add $BOLTstopWatch = true; to your index file. New markers can be added for debugging code after the example in engine.php line 10. March 25, 2008
This release updated several of the tutorials, re-fixed the popup function fix (to use php4 code), improved the conflict resolution code logic, added an option to inserting markups into specific points in the markup table (using a 'newrule < oldrule' syntax), and to disable functions (by setting the third parameter to ''). Finally added an experimental new find command/function similar to the search function except it does an actual page scan and can look for either a "string" value or a "regex" pattern. If an BOLTadmin, you can even do replaces. It will likely be merged with the search function in an upcoming release. For now, consider it semi-experimental. March 22, 2008
This is still another maintenance release with several more bug fixes, including: small bug in the popup function, small bug in the table markup, slight change to register action, bug in log command trim parameter, reworked the conflict resolution code to solve a problem with the log command, a minor bug in the getzone function, reworked the line return markup to give better html, and fixed a typo in the site.actions page. March 19, 2008
This is another maintenance release, that fixes minor bugs in div markup, enables the header markup when no line return, fixes a bug in the [[> ]] markup, fixed a conflict between the new dash markup and the horizontal rule markup, improved functionality of php command/function, fixed breadcrumb single level names to use title, changed getlink function to make it possible to have customized skins when a default skin is set, and I moved the default smileys back into the core icon directory. March 13, 2008
This is another maintenance release with quite a few bug fixes and tweaks, including: Changed default skin title to show BoltWire: $$title, fixed img: markup to recognize .png uploads, expanded link options for popup function, fixed another bug in the messaging system, reworked bullets markup to trigger when at end of page without a line return, changed the "inpage" conditional to use "find" not "item", tweaked the default breadcrumb function to avoid single self-links, made the color markup to span paragraphs, reworked search.php to work on php 4.0, and added a $count_total and $count_matches variables for improved template handling, and fixed a bug in the conflict resolution system occurring when first editing a system file. March 9, 2008
A minor release re-enabling the embed function to process variables, fixing a bug in the messaging system, and making the defaultPage (main) configurable. March 5, 2008
This release split the distribution into a core engine and a resource pack, fixed a minor bug in php function, added a "default=option" parameter to the select markup, and a "selected" option to the option markup, fixed bug caused by saving data to system pages, improved cleanURL documentation to solve recursion problem, made site.messages page configurable, and moved more BoltWire messages there. Finally, added an easy translation engine for non-English sites automatically translating links, buttons, messages, specified text, etc, from a specified site.language page. Feb 3, 2008
This release improves the conflict resolution system, fixes small bugs in search.php's sorting and indexing functions, and adds a new $count variable for use in templates. Feb 2, 2008
This release now has both Whitelists and Blacklists (configurable). It fixed bugs in scripts and php function. It adds a crypt command for easier password handling. It improves the highlight function (case insensitivity, and shows multiple hits on a page). It introduces a new Conflict Resolution system, using the diff function to show any lost changes. And reworks the ROS table to include ROO options. Also a couple performance boosts: caching site.folders and improving session handling of forms. Jan 22, 2008
Some of the changes in this release include: site.messages page is now configurable, $delayRobots can block spiders from indexing a page, IP blacklisting capabilities, search forms now store output as session values for quick retrieval, search parameters can now be passed to template using $field syntax, a new highligh function (and template) for contextual search results. Jan 20, 2008
This release adds an [(index show)] parameter, an $iconPath, icon:file.gif/jpg markup, and a bunch of icons, a new extensible smiley markup, an extensible symbols markup for (c)(r)(tm), and a page counter script. Also fixed bugs in script function, turned error_reporting off by default, and fixed spacing function to work anywhere>>not just at the beginning of a line. Jan 11, 2008
This release includes several fixes and tweaks, including:
a site.messages bug, a typo in action.install, a logic problem deleting system pages, ended config var case sensitivity, bugs in email plugin and added required page, fixed popup function to allow images and markup in label, set default image border to 0, and added an option to supress the missing mark on links with an initial ? flag. Jan 9, 2008
Corrected bugs in the log command, eliminated an error message in the listpages function, added ability to put templates in local pages, improved the embed command to escape line breaks, and process $$skinvars. Jan 4, 2008
Fixed bugs in the list function and the tags command. Added a tutorial on System Variables and on Member Management. Tweaked the page to make searches easier. Jan 3, 2008
Fixed bugs in the ingroup conditional and the join command. Also patched an important security vulnerability when the $BOLTadmin is not properly set. Added tutorials on farm installations and uploads. Jan 2, 2008
After 7 months and 40 beta releases, BoltWire 1.0 is finally released with 10 basic skins and 5 plugins.