BoltWire is a FREE, easy to use web development system. Our software is specifically designed to help you build engaging and interactive membership communities, without having to hire a programmer.

The software is just one zip. It only takes a second or two to download. And just a few seconds more to get your first site running. Below is our current release. Click here to get our latest 6.xx release.

BoltWire 7.06

What Next?

If you need help getting started, read our Installation tutorial. Basically, extract our zip to your root directory, and then navigate to boltwire/start.php.

Click here to read our License. And here to learn more about Our Story.

Don't know what a webserver is? Let us Host Your Site. We offer red carpet service and support to walk you through the whole site building process.

Want to learn more about our software? Our Support Area has lots of great documentation. Start with our Welcome Tour and get up to speed fast.