BoltWire is an easy to use web development system with surprising flexibility and power. Its innovative architecture combined with robust markup, and best-in-class forms processing, make it easy to create engaging and interactive online communies, fast. And best of all, it's FREE!

Download & Install

To give BoltWire a try right now, click below for an instant download of our zip, extract it to your web server, and then navigate to boltwire/start.php.

It takes just seconds to download. And you can get your first site up and running in just a few seconds more. Grab the all new version 8.00 right here:



BoltWire offers a cutting-edge feature set you won't find anywhere else. Some of its core capabilities include:

Instant installation
Member and group management
Robust wiki markups
Search and report capabilities
Standards compliant
Powerful templating
Easy Extensibility
Hierarchical page features
Multi-lingual support
Strong security
Powerful forms processing
And much more...

For more information about the many features in BoltWire, explore our Documentation.

The Secret

The secret behind BoltWire's exceptional capabilities, is its form processor. BoltWire allows you to quickly create complex forms that can do virtually anything you want. In fact, almost all actions in BoltWire are simple forms you can edit, giving you COMPLETE control over every aspect of how our software works. Better still, you can create complex new actions in a snap!

To put it differently, BoltWire doesn't just let you change content, it let's you change the engine itself, just as easily, right through your browser! To the best of our knowledge, it is the first web development tool of its kind. Get ready for an exciting discovery...

To learn more about what makes BoltWire so special, take a minute to read Our Story.

Our Philosophy

From its beginning, BoltWire's development has been guided by a philosophy that can be summed up in four key principles: keep it simple, strong, speedy, and secure.

Simple      Make installation, extensions and upgrades a snap. Configuration should be straightforward and easy.
Strong Give admins power to build virtually anything, right though their browser. Like a great big pile of legos.
Speedy Extensive performance boosting techniques, makes dynamic page generation lightning fast, every time.
Secure Tough session-based forms verification, input filtering, and granular authorizations, help keep your site safe.

If our philosophy makes sense, and you like the idea of an engine you can make work any way you want, why not give BoltWire a try? We'd love to help build your site...