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Welcome Tour

Formatting Content

So far we've been knocking out some of the big concepts in BoltWire. Now it's time to start talking about how to put various kinds of content on a page.

First of all, you don't have to know html, css, php, or any other programming language to create content in BoltWire. That was part of our goal in creating this software. Rather, you just need to know BoltWire's markup syntax. Like other wikis, BoltWire recognizes simple, intuitive codes and translates them into the correct html automatically. You can learn BoltWire's simpler markups in minutes.

Below are some of the more common markups you will need and what they produce when placed on a page. The exact output may very depending on your skin's style sheet.

! text


header (h1)
!! text


header (h2)
!!! text


header (h3)
* bullet
** bullet
*** bullet
  • bullet
    • bullet
      • bullet
unnumbered bullets
# bullet
## bullet
### bullet
  1. bullet
    1. bullet
      1. bullet
numbered bullets
block indent
[r][h]header1 [h]header2
[r][c]cell1 [c]cell2
[r][c]cell3 [c]cell4
header1   header2
cell1 cell2
most parameters allowed, border added for display
horizontal line
(t) or (tm)
html symbols
{ 2+3 } 5Simple math expressions
various links
urls accepted
[[email@example.com]]email@example.comemail link
#tagstagsEasy tagging system
[^boltwire.gif parameters^]

image shortcut
image with css parameters
download.zipfile download
align text
(also left, right)
<color=red>text</color>textset color
(also #f7f7f7)
<size=150%>text</size>textset size (also pt)
<text case=caps>
TEXTadvanced string processing:
understands case, substring,
trim, position, and length
A box with markup
Display source code. Try also html, markup and debug.
/= **BOLD** =/**BOLD**Don't process markup
`[[link|+]][[link|+]]Backtick escapes next character
/*comment*/hidden comments

The only way to learn these is to practice them. My recommendation is that you create a test page, and start trying some of these out, just to get a feel for how markups work. Edit a page, type something in from the first column, and click save to see how it displays. Then try the next markup. Most are easy to learn, and you won't have much trouble mastering them.

Here's a link you can use to PRINT these markups for reference. And if you ever forget a markup, you can use the HELP action from anywhere on your site to pull the list back up again in a separate browser tab.

There are many other markups BoltWire will recognize as well, including most simple HTML tags. And most white space is honored automatically, like line returns, tabs and spaces. Furthermore, BoltWire has extensive styling support. To learn more about our markup engine, read our Handbook.

Oh, and if you know programming, you can create your own markups, or change our built-in markup table to whatever you want.

BoltWire also has markup for numerous variables, conditionals, and functions. And it has support for creating powerful forms with interactive inputs fields and commands.

In fact, let's start looking at some of these advanced features next:

Advanced Features


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