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Welcome Tour

New to BoltWire? We've prepared a brief welcome tour to help introduce you to our software and get you going as quick as possible.

For help getting BoltWire set up, please see this Installation tutorial. We also have a quick Site Checklist of the first 10 things you should do with your new site you should find helpful.

Getting Started Let's do a quick introduction and make sure you have got everything installed.
Using Actions The secret sauce in BoltWire is our actions. These are how you make stuff happen.
Working with Pages We've got a powerful feature called hierarchical pages you are going to love.
Layout and Design Want to change how your site looks? Take some time to learn more about skins and zones.
Managing Members Let's take a minute to talk about how our membership and group management system works.
Formatting Content Here are helpful tips on how to format text, make tables, create links, upload images and more.
Advanced Features Ready for a quick intro to advanced features like variables, conditions, and functions?
Form Processing Interested in using forms--and maybe even modifying site actions? Here's how.
Final Steps Just a couple more final steps, you will be all set to start building your site...