BoltWire is a FREE content management system written in PHP.

Its innovative architecture combined with best-in-class forms processing gives surprizing power in the tiniest of footprints.

Our software is ideal for creating complex, interactive, web applications fast...

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New to BoltWire? We've prepared a brief welcome tour to help introduce you to our software and get you going as quick as possible. Just take a few minutes to read through the pages below:

Installing BoltWireHow to get BoltWire up and running. Basic server requirements and new site creation.
Working with PagesLearn how to create, edit, and delete pages, and more. Also, the power of choosing the right page names.
Changing Site LayoutWant to modify the layout of your page? Take the time to learn more about skins and zones.
Formatting ContentHere are helpful tips on how to format text and produce various kinds of content like tables, links, and images.
Advanced FeaturesHere's more you can do using some of the advanced features like variables, conditions, and functions.
Forms and ActionsReady to start experimenting with forms--and possibly modify default site actions? Here's how to do it!
Extending the CoreHere's a few pointers on adding extensions like plugins and language packs. Plus how to upgrade the core.