Pro Modules

Here's documentation on some of the expansion modules available to BoltWire users. To purchase one of these modules, just donate $10 each via paypal to our sponsor (FAST Missions) and I'll email you back the script. For the whole library, send $100. Thank you for your support of the continued development of BoltWire.

activity See what's happening on your site, and track various activity trends.
bible A full KJV Bible with markup to recognize references and create tooltips.
card Full stripe integration for enabling credit card capabilities on your site.
class Here's our basic course build platform, flexible as ever!
cron A built in cron manager for managing background processes on your site.
gdpr A simple plugin for collecting consent data to ensure gdpr compliance.
hotline A basic support system that saves answers for next time.
linktrack A simplified way to track results of marketing, by using a short link code.
mailer A robust tool for sending single or sequenced emails, to individuals or groups.
messager A built in messaging system for sending notes between members.
offer Tools to create various kinds of offer pages for your site.
optimizer Run simple a/b tests or just track conversions on a single option.
pdf A built in plugin for building pdf documents dynamically.
rss Generate a dynamic rss feed for posting to social media and news feeds.
sitemail A basic interface to an advanced smtp mail sending engine.
social Tools to get your site going on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.
store From simple snippets to a full featured shopping cart system.
subscriber Manage subscriptions with a full featured hook up to your mailing list API.
tagger An easy way to notify people you mentioned them in a comment.
thumbnail Allows members to upload profile pix and automatically resizes them.

Some of these modules are ready right now, but I'm still polishing up the docs and the full package. To check the availability on anything urgent, reach out via the Community Mail List. Otherwise:

Coming soon...