Pro Modules

Here's documentation on the expansion modules that come pre-installed with our hosting service. To access the documentation for these please log into your hosted account

blogger Create blogs with comments, tagging, archives, and more. Multiple authors, pre-scheduled posts, etc.
crm An advanced membership system built on tags. Verify emails, segment groups, create automations, and more. Plus internal messaging and profile pics, etc.
dashboard A powerful toolbox to track all your site stats, and keep everything running smooth.
ezmail A powerful internal email system. Send individual emails or email sequences to members or groups. Scheduling, throttling, and many other options.
forum Setup single or multiple forum areas. Includes tools for searching and moderating forum posts.
newsletter An api integration for use with our recommended email service provider. Automatically subscribe, unsubscribe, update profile info, and more.
pdf A built in plugin for building pdf documents dynamically.
rss Use the RSS skin to instantly create an RSS feed from any pages in your site you wish to include.
social Tools to get your site going on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.
store From simple snippets to a full featured shopping cart system.
stripe Hookup to this popular credit card processor for full credit card processing capabilities on your site.

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