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Handbook > Variables > Special Variables

There are various other kinds of variables that can be used in BoltWire in certain situations. These are listed below.

{?var}A post, cookie, or get value (in that order of priority). Essentially quivalent in PHP to $_REQUEST['var'].
{~var}, {~id:var}A shortcut for data values on the current users members page, or the member page with the specified id.
{=var}Field replacement variables used in a form. See the forms tutorial for more information on how to use this.
{+var}, {+:var}, {+::var}System, data, or info variable insertions used in a template. Rather than using values for the page currently displayed, it iterates through the various pages in the search output.
{*:var}, {page*:var}, {page*::var}Special shortcut to extract data or info values from a stamp (a prior version of a page). Can also use anchors and parts in these just like normal info vars.
{ 2+3 }This quasi variable taps into the math function and returns 5. Note there is one space on either side of the expression, and none within. Numbers, the four basic operators, and parentheses are allowed.