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BoltWire has great capabilities for storing, retrieving, and formatting information any way you want--much like a database. To understand how BoltWire manages information, you must understand the concept of "variables".

Variables are bits of information connected with a page, or user, or some system setting. They can be grouped into four main categories. Though similar, each type of variable stores and and retrieves its information in slightly different ways. Below is a quick overview. Click a topic for more detailed information and examples:

System Variables These are variables defined in various ways related to the system environment, the user, or the current page. System variables can also be set on a special settings page, or dynamically using PHP. They can be retrieved anywhere in your site.
Data Variables These variables are stored by BoltWire in connection with some page using the data action or custom forms. Data variables, for example, are a great way to store profile information on a user's member page. Information stored this way can be displayed on the page it is stored on, or on another page. Search functions can generate reports on data stored in groups of pages.
Info Variables These values are extracted from the actual text of a page, where they are defined as simple field: value pairs. Multiple info vars can be stored on a page allowing you to create custom indexes and generate lightning fast reports.
Special Variables There are various other kinds of variables that can be used in BoltWire in special situations. Click here to read more!

The more you understand how BoltWire manages data, the more you will be able to do!