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Hidden Fields

The input field is simply a place holder for a value. It is not visible in the page, but it CAN be seen if a person views the HTML source. Here is how it looks:

[hidden field value]

A more secure and better protected way to accomplish the same thing, is to send the information to the browser as a command value:

[command field value]

This field=value pair is actually stored on the server and cannot be seen by the user even if they look at the source code.

One reason to use a hidden field over a command might be to avoid having some field name trigger a command in BoltWire. Only commands are processed, not input fields, so you could use an input field name like edit or create and not have to worry about it doing something when the form submits. Another reason to use the hidden input type is to store information for a bit of javascript. Javascript has no access to any information stored as a command, but it does have access to hidden fields.

Additional Parameters

The only other parameter accepted by this input is an id.