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This is a very handy conditional for checking to see if a user has clicked a certain button. It checks to see if the label of the button matches the text in the first parameter.

Consider the following example:

[form][submit BUTTON1][form]
[form][submit BUTTON2][form]
[if submit BUTTON1]You clicked #1[if]
[if submit BUTTON2]You clicked #2[if]

It will display two buttons and depending on which is clicked, the appropriate message will be displayed.

The conditional does not have to be on the same button as the form, but it must be on the page the form is submitted to. And if you refresh the page without submitting the form, the conditional will fail the second time.

Note this function is case sensitive. If the case does not match the conditional will fail.

If there are spaces in the button label, make sure you put quote marks around the conditional parameter, or else it will fail:

[if submit 'Click This']Thanks for clicking![if]
tags: #conditions #submit #forms