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This conditional allows you to tap into BoltWire's authorization system directly and check any type of authorization.

The first parameter (or parameter 'type') determines which authorization page to check. It is required.

The second parameter (or paramter 'check') usually refers to a page and defaults to the current page.

The third parameter (or parameter 'find') usually takes a user id and defaults to the current user.

Here are some examples of how this works

[if auth write]
checks if current user can write to current page

[if auth write]
[if auth write]
checks if current user can write to

[if auth write bob]
[if auth write find=bob]
checks if user bob can write to

Note the following will NOT check if bob can write to the current page, as might be expected. Rather it will check if the current user can write to page "bob"! This is because the second parameter defaults to the page being checked.

[if auth write bob]

The correct way to check if bob can edit the current page would be this:

[if auth edit find=bob]

The authorization system in BoltWire is extremely flexible and can extend to any type check desired. In addition to the default write and view authorizations, it has built in info, data authorization pages to control which fields can be extracted. You can easily create log, email, or upload authorization pages, or any other type of authorization desired. Please see the information on tutorials for more information.