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Here's a quick index of guides with tips on how to use some of BoltWire's most popular features. Most come with links to tutorials in different sections of our site. As you have time, feel free to read through these docs.

Note: some of these tutorials may need updating. If you see something that does not seem current, please leave a comment and we'll do our best to get it updated quickly...


Create your first site
Get the latest download and unzip it to the root directory of your server. Then run the start script at /boltwire/start.php.

Simple markups for formatting
BoltWire uses simple markup to create more complex HTML. For a list of the more common markups, use the help action.

Create, edit, or delete a page
Use actions to create or modify pages. Here's a quick overview of common actions and how they work. Note the action bar at the top of the page.

Restore modified or deleted pages
Use the undo action to see recent versions of a page. Click the restore button to retrieve a prior version. Here's more about stamps.

Use the power of page names
Learn more about the power of page names in BoltWire. Understanding page hierarchies unlocks incredible power.

Change site settings
Edit settings like the site title, slogan, action bar, skin colors, and more by editing page code.settings.

Create a member account
Use the register action to create an account. Here's more information about member management. By default, users can self-register.

Create member groups
Use the groups action to create a new group. Click it from a member page, to change the groups that member is in. Here's more info.

Control permissions
Permissions are set by assigning members and groups to site auth pages. See site.auth for a list. Here's more about security.

Use the search engine
Use the search action to look for a word on pages you have created. For more about searches, click here.

Put hashtags on a page
Hashtag's look like #tag. Put one on a page and it turns into a link that goes to a list of pages with the same tag. Uses a special indexing rule.

Install a new skin
Download the zip file and extract it to boltwire/shared/skins. Then, turn on the skin by setting "skin: skinname" on page site.config.

Install a plugin
Download the plugin to boltwire/shared/plugins. Enable it on site.config by adding enablePluginName. Follow any instructions on the plugin page.

Understand actions
The secret behind BoltWire is our form processor which lets you customize all site actions or create actions of your own. More info.


Upgrade BoltWire
Download the new release, and copy it over your existing installation. Check the changelogs first for changes that might affect your site. Here's more info?.

Understand variables
Variables allow you to retrieve information and insert it into your site dynamically. Here's a tutorial on the different kinds.

Use conditions to control display
BoltWire has powerful conditions you can use to customize your display based on any number of criteria. Click here for an overview.

Use functions to generate output
BoltWire uses functions to quickly generate all kinds of output. Here's a complete list, with tips on how they work.

Create interactive forms
Creating forms is easy. Combine any input type with powerful commands to create amazing interactivity.

Modify site.config
The site.config page allows you to modify how BoltWire works as well as turn on plugins, language packs, skins, etc. Here's more info.

Create custom indexes
BoltWire comes with a few indexing rules pre-defined, but you can create more, and even different kinds. Here's how indexing works.

Generate dynamic reports
Both the search and list functions can generate powerful reports. Click either to learn about fmts and templates.

Use lists, logs, and info vars
BoltWire has powerful and interconnected systems for managing information using lists, logs, and info vars. Click one to read more.

Edit your skin or css pages
The HTML and CSS pages in your skin folder can be edited as needed. Just use your favorite web editing software.

Embed html/javascript in your site
To insert javascript into a form input field (or link), read this tutorial. To insert a longer piece of code, see the embed function.

Customize site actions
To change how an action works, edit the corresponding action page. Or, create a new action of your own. Here's more info.

Changing the site language
Download a language file, and put it in boltwire/system. Then change the language setting in site.config to your desired language.

Advanced authorization options
There are many ways to control access to your site, including custom site auth pages and conditionals. Here's a brief tutorial.

Send emails
BoltWire has basic mail capabilities built in through the mail command. Use this feature to communicate with members.

Run multiple sites
Just use start.php to create multiple sites. For a quick introduction to our concept of farms and fields, click here. Hint: BoltWire is the Barn!


Error reporting & debugging
Heres a few tips on how to enable PHP error messages and debug your plugins and other custom code.

Stopwatch capabilities
Want to boost performance on your site? Use the stopwatch feature to make sure everything is running fast.

Alternate server configurations
There are alternate ways to install BoltWire to enhance security or make upgrades easier. Here's a quick tutorial, with suggestions.

Setting up cleanurl's
BoltWire supports CleanURLs which allow you to alias long, ugly URL's to short, simple ones

Create a new skin
Here's a few points on how to create a skin of your own. BoltWire loves standards compliant HTML and CSS.

Create your own plugins
Want to extend BoltWire with some plugin of your own? It's easy! Here's a few tips to get you started.

Create a language pack
Want to create a new language pack? Go to site.language, and follow the instructions. Then share your work with the community.

Customize the markup table
You can fully customize the markup table anyway you want. Here's a quick tutorial on how to add, delete, or change markup rules.

Set up an automated script
BoltWire's powerful script function allows you to completely automate any task you normally do with a form.

Pre & post processing
BoltWire provides a way to insert your own programming at various points in the page generation. Here's a quick tutorial.

Allowed attributes
Want to change the attributes BoltWire allows in various tags? Copy the line(s) from variables.php to config.php and modify as needed.

You can map default conditions, commands, and functions to your own custom code using a simple toolmapping technique.

Using system hooks
BoltWire allows you to override several key processes with your own code to stretch BoltWire even further. Here's more info.

Using php to control config settings
Want to change some of BoltWire's default behavior dynamically? Use PHP to modify your config settings on the fly.

The replacetable array
The replacetable array is a powerful but simple tool for modifying the final output BoltWire generates however you want.