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This command is used to restore or "unstamp" a "stamped" page. Stamps are backups of a page created at a specific point in time. They include the page content and the data values on a page.

To restore a stamp, simply specify the name of the stamp you wish to restore. See the stamps command for information about how to tell whether stamps exist for a page, or to generate a list of the names.

When the stamp is restored, both page content and data values are restored. The user must have write authorization for the page being unstamped.

Here's a simple undo form. See the undo action in the core distribution for an improved version of this form:

Select a date:
[(search group={p} dir=stamps fmt='[radio stamp {+p}] <(time {+p3} %c)>')]
[command stamp {p}]
[command unstamp {=stamp}]

This form searches the stamps directory for any stamps of the current page (this form is being used as an action page). It gives a radio button and the date and time each stamp was made. If the user selects one and clicks submit, BoltWire makes a stamp of the current page, then pulls the selected stamp page name into the unstamp command and restores it. The list is instantly updated.

It's always a good idea to make a stamp of the current page before deleting the old, making it possible to revert to it, if you decide you don't like the version you have just unstamped.