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This command allows you to reset the values of other form commands. In many cases simple field replacements will work but this gives you more flexibility and power. Here's something of an example example:

Member ID: [text id] [submit]
[command source member.{=id}:color]
[command reset color='{=source}']
[command passdata color,id]
[if set {?color}]{?id} likes {?color}[if]

The user is asked to enter a member id and submit the form. The source command retrieves the value of the color data var from that member's page, and the value is assigned to a color variable. (Essentially the form creates a new command). Then the color and id are passed back to the page as a GET var and the display is generated.

You may reset more than one var at a time using this command. Just use:

[command reset field1=value1 field2=value2].

This command can be used to change both form inputs (POST values) and form commands. However, if both a POST and a command exists with the specified field, only the POST will be reset.

This command may not be needed often, but it gives BoltWire forms processing significant flexibility.