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This function allows you to rename a page.

It looks for a from parameter (the current name) and a to parameter (the new name). Both parameters can use pageshortcuts.

The command fail if the from page does not exist, or the to page does exist. You also need write permissions for both the to and from names.

If you try to rename a system page, a copy is made instead, and the original system page is not affected.

If you wish to make a copy of a page, use the create command, and fill the page with content from the page wish to copy.

Here's a simple rename form designed to work as an action page. You go to the page you want to rename, enter a new name, the page is moved, and you are then forwarded to the page at the new location. Pretty straightforward.

New name: [text new] [submit]
[command rename from={p} to={=new}]
[command nextpage {=new}]