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This command is used to create a member account.

It requires an email input field and a password input field. Once submitted, the command checks several things

1) Email and password are entered.
2) The email has an appropriate format
3) An account with that email does not exist

If all is ok, BoltWire checks to see if a $cryptkey is found in index.php. If so the password is encrypted. If not, it is stored plain text.

Note: If you use a cryptkey, it can not be changed, or all the passwords in your system will become immediately invalidated.

Here's a very simple registration form:

Email: [text email]
Password: [password password]
[command join]

Once they enter an email and password, and the form is submitted, these fields will be stored in the mbase system, and the user will be able to log in immediately using that id and password combination. If you use the login=true parameter in the join command, they will be logged in immediately. You can also set a persist value.

Note: this command was formerly called "register" but was changed in 7.00 to "join" and redesigned to work with the new mbase system.

Double Opt-In

BoltWire comes with an optional "double opt-in" system which works slightly different. Basically, when you create an account, a similar form is displayed--but rather than creating an account it sends an email with a link they must click to actually create their account. For more information, see the verify plugin extension. This is the recommended approach in most cases, especially if you are going to be sending emails to your members.