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This function is used to delete a page.

Specify the page you wish to delete in the first parameter position. It recognizes page shortcuts.

This command fails if the page does not exist or the user does not have write permission.

BoltWire comes with various system pages in the default installation. If you edit one of them, a copy is made in your local pages folder along with any changes you have made, but the original is preserved in the system folder. When you call the page, BoltWire defers to your local version.

If you delete your local copy of the page, it is deleted from the local pages folder--and the original system page will be displayed. If you try to delete a system page, BoltWire actually creates a local version of the system page, but with no content. It will exist, and show up in searches--but be blank. This enables you to prevent a system page from showing up in your installation if needed.

If you try and delete it the blank page, it will do so and restore the system page once again.

Basically, system pages cannot be deleted.