BoltWire is a FREE content management system written in PHP.

Its innovative architecture combined with best-in-class forms processing gives surprizing power in the tiniest of footprints.

Our software is ideal for creating complex, interactive, web applications fast...


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Here's a quick overview of the essential building blocks in BoltWire. If you find something inaccurate or needing revision, let us know on the mailing list.

MarkupsSpecial syntax used to introduce various HTML elements into your page. Everything in BoltWire is markup.
VariablesDifferent kinds of easily retrievable information connected with a page or the site in general.
ConditionsVarious types of checks you can use to control what is displayed in BoltWire dynamically.
FunctionsUse functions to instantly generate all kinds of advanced content or perform specialized tasks.
FormsSpecial form markups that allow you to create working buttons, pulldown menus, text fields, and more.
CommandsForm commands tap into the ZAP forms processor and trigger interactive effects. They are the secret to BoltWire!
CheatsheetA quick start reference guide with tips on using our most popular features.