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The verify email plugin, is a simple script used to send a confirmation email to an address, with a link they can click to "verify" that email address. It can be used with new accounts, to give double opt-in capabilities to your site. Or, it can be used with existing members to verify their email, to verify their address later or to verify an updated email address.

To use it, enable this script on site.config for the following pages, depending on your needs. Or, if not set, this script is desinged to load dynamically.

enableVerify: welcome.verify*,members.verify*   

Then you need these values set on site.config. There may be other settings you need to change to enable email capabilities on your server as well, so be sure to test.

mysite: BoltWire

Last, to customize this plugin, you can edit the content on the following pages


The actual email message sent to both new accounts and existing members is found at code.message.verify.

To make this the default account creation process, add this line to the action.join page: <(forward welcome.verify)>.

To determine whether or not a logged in member is verified, use this conditional: [if equal {~verified} {~email}]. Basically, the "verify" field shows their last verified email. So if their email address is updated without verification, these values could be different. If their email is not verified, the field will return nothing, as expected.

I've tried to make this system very simple and adaptable, but generating double optins and email update systems require you to carefully think through the process you are following, and significant testing to make sure everything is working like it is supposed to.