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The tree plugin is an extremely powerful plugin you can use to perform all kinds of file management functions. And it works lightning fast.

But you should use with care as you could potential delete hundreds of files in a second if you entered the wrong command!

To use it, just go to site.tree and refer to the help instructions there. Basically, you enter a specific command line like instruction to the input field and then click "DO".

If the mode is "demo" it will show the output, but not perform the action. Always do this first, to make sure it will generate the desired results. Then just switch to active mode and repeat.

Some of it's capabilities include:

CLEAN: Cleans word processor characters from BASE pages in DIR
COPY: Copies BASE pages in DIR to BASE2 in DIR2
DELETE: Deletes BASE pages in DIR
DIR: Shows directory structure and count in each directory
EDIT: Scans BASE pages in DIR for STRING and replaces with STRING2
FIND: Scans BASE pages in DIR for STRING
LIST: Lists BASE pages in DIR
MOVE: Moves BASE pages in DIR to BASE2 in DIR2
RENAME: Renames BASE to BASE2 in DIR

Let's say for example you wanted to copy all of your pages (,, etc) in your standard pages folder, to a dedicated news subfolder and rename all the files (news.1, news.2, etc).

Well you would use the following command:

move dir=pages base2=news dir2=pages/news

Doing it in demo mode will generate an output outline every page that will be moved by this command. If you see the results you intend, switch to active mode and click do again. The change will happen almost instantly!

Again, be careful with this command and ALWAYS use the demo mode first.