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Does your site seem to be running slow? BoltWire comes with a built in stopwatch feature that may help you identify where the delay is happening in the page construction process. Here's all you have to do to use it...

First, enable the stopwatch plugin by adding the following line to your site.config page, either for your entire site or for specific sections of your site. We recommend keeping this disabled and only turning it on temporarily when needed.


Note you can also load it via your index.php script just before calling the BoltWire engine, and you will get a slight bit more information out. That's because, some things tracked by this script happen before the plugins are loaded in engine.php.

To use it, go to any page you want to test, and add "&stopwatch=true" to the url. It will reconstruct the entire page as normal, keep track of various milestones in the site creation process using BoltWire's built in process function, and then instead of returning the page, it displays a report for that page of how long each step takes.

For whatever reason, the numbers can vary considerably from page load to page load, so if you see a problem area, consider reloading the page a few times to make sure the issue is consistent.