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This plugin gives you an easy way to create simple sticky notes for your site.

Note: You can also enable it just for specific sections of your site only...
To install it sitewide, you can enable it in site.config by adding this line:


Or, just call the function, and unless you have dynafunc disabled, the script will load automatically.

Sticky Note!
Here's how you create a simple note. Simply call this function:

<(sticky 'Sticky Note!')>

Here's a picture
with color, a line break
and an image
And here is an example with line breaks, some color, and a picture! You can pretty much put anything you want into a sticky note. It's basically a div wrapper.

To create the line break, insert the <br> markup in the line. The actual function cannot have a line break.

Here's the code that generated the note above:

<(sticky "Here's a picture<br>with <color=red>color</color>, a line break<br>and an image<br>img:ds.jpg")>