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This is a really cool script that allows you to have dynamically sortable tables in BoltWire. Just click on the header of a column to sort by that column, up or down.

To use it, enable this plugin on your site.config page by adding this line. As usual, you can restrict it to certain page groups only.


Then, create a table using BoltWire's normal markup. Be sure to use the [h] markup for the table headers. Then set class=sortable to the main table tag ([t class=sortable]) and add <(sortable)> somewhere on the page. The sortable function basically inserts the javascript you need.

Here's a quick example. Tap one of the headers...

Name Phone Email
Bob Jones 423-432-3456
Mark Smith 468-879-9853
Mary Alice 354-654-9512
Jane Douglas 645-852-3214
David Davis 174-582-6936