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In BoltWire 7, we changed how BoltWire decides where to store your pages. Before a site.folders page could be used to define which subfolders and even sub-subfolders are used to store specific page hierarchies. In BoltWire 7, this is more automated, with the engine searching for the file in a subfolder with the same name as the first part of the page name. Then the root pages directory. IE:


As before, if no page is found, it then checks your shared and system folders for pages.

In other words, no site.folders page is required, and performance is faster. And as an added bonus, we've added a special folder action to move pages into subfolders as desired.

But you may already have a complex file system for all your pages and want to continue using site.folders as before. Easy. There's now a built in sitefolders plugin. Just enable this in site.config and you are good to go. This script should be enabled sitewide.


Note you can also create your own custom function (as before) for defining where by creating a function that uses the myBOLTfolders($page) hook. So if you already have a custom script, you don't need to do anything. It will be recognized and used exactly as before.