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In BoltWire 7, we changed our membership system in a number of ways. First, we changed the login id from a user created text, to their email. And second we changed where and how their member data is stored and accessed. This was done to keep your member data more secure, keep your site scalable, it allows for easier integration with a database or crm system. We're excited about these changes!

It does mean existing membership sites will not be compatible with the new approach. I'm hoping to create a simple conversion script to allow you to upgrade as soon as possible, but in the meantime, I've created this plugin which allows you to use the original membership system, on a BoltWire 7 installation.

To use this, simply enable the plugin in site.config and you are good to go. This script should be enabled sitewide. Note, this plugin will NOT be activated dynamically, like many of our other plugins.


Then be sure to update your login and join forms. Change the login command to simplelogin. And change the join command to simplejoin. All parameters and other aspects should remain the same.